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  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2016-01-20
  • Current Version: 1.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 97.50 MB
  • Developer: Apple
Score: 4
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Music Memos for PC Description

Music Memos is the easiest way for songwriters to capture and organize new musical ideas. Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to record acoustic guitar, piano, voice, or any musical instrument as high-quality, uncompressed audio. Then name, tag and rate your ideas to start building a library of all your favorite new song parts and riffs. Music Memos automatically detects your tempo, rhythmic feel and chords and lets you instantly hear your musical idea accompanied by a rhythm section with realistic drums and bass. View the chords you’ve played, add comments and lyrics, or share your recordings with friends or directly to Apple Music Connect*. And it’s easy to take your favorite ideas into GarageBand to add more instruments and continue building your song. Quickly capture musical ideas • Easily record any musical idea using a simple interface • Instantly listen to your recorded song ideas with a virtual drummer and bass player, who follow along like a live band in the room • Adjust the groove and sound of the drum or bass using simple and intuitive controls to hear your song idea in different ways • Tune your guitar with a built-in instrument tuner Build a library of song ideas • Name any song idea, or delete unwanted recordings • Tag your song ideas to help you find them later using keywords like verse, chorus, mellow, energetic, or add your own custom tags • Rate your song idea 1-5 stars to help you identify your favorites • Supports iCloud Drive so your library of song ideas are always safe and available across all your iOS devices View, edit and document your song ideas • Automatically analyzes the music you played and displays musical measures and suggested chord names • Rename or provide further detail for any chord names throughout your song • The drum and bass performances adapt immediately to match any chord and rhythm edits • Trim away any unwanted parts from the beginning and end of your recording • Keep track of comments, lyric ideas, alternate guitar tunings or capo position Share your new song • Use iCloud Drive to make your song ideas available across all your iOS devices • Email any song idea to a friend to share your music, or to collaborate with other musicians • Quickly open your idea in GarageBand for iOS to add more instruments and keep building your song • Export a song idea to the Mac so you can work in GarageBand or Logic Pro X as a full multi-track production • Share to SoundCloud, YouTube and Apple Music Connect* * Requires Apple Music Connect account


  • What a great app!..... when it first came out.

    By Hank of the hill
    What a great idea! Too bad apple gave up on it. I get that they are too busy trying to sell XR’s but this was a great and useful tool at one point. I dropped every other voice memo app to use this. It was so handy to record, edit, notate, and organize all my songs and ideas. Then one day I would hit record and it would not respond. Hit the record button again, it would record and stop after one second. Hmm. Then it kept happening. It became a part of my work flow. Hit record, it records a one second blip that I delete then second go it would start recording. Then the end of 2017 came along and the new fancy iPhone X came out. It’s 2019 and they app still isn’t optimized for the display. I guess I should export all of my songs and ideas out before the app won’t open. Please apple, update this app or at least stop letting it on “best music app” showcases on the App Store home page.
  • Love the app, needs update

    By camcian
    This is my favorite musical note-taking app and I appreciate how it’s so lean yet at the same time offers some useful functionality. As others, I am saddened by the fact that Apple has stopped supporting this. It makes me nervous that the app is going to get fully broken any time now.
  • Apple, you’re squandering an opportunity.

    By dareallbeegee
    The logic pro style live drummer in this app is INDISPENSABLE! It’s an incredible feature that sounds a trillion times more accurate and “life-like” than what’s included with Garageband. That being said, it recently broke. I use this every single day as a song writer to get a feel for my demo tracks before I work on recording a final version, and now it suddenly, inexplicably doesn’t work. Current issue: When editing the drums, and selecting “No band” for measures anywhere in the song, which normally removed the automated bass and drums from just that section, the drums and bass now completely stop for the entire song. Even one single measure at the beginning left blank, will cause the entire song to be drumless and bassless even with those features turned on. Fix this because it’s literally the best thing ever when it works.
  • Close but no cigar

    By skys15
    This could be a really great app, and I’m not sure why Apple isn’t supporting it anymore it doesn’t even fit the iPhone x/xs screen. The main complaint is that you can’t start recording again where you left off, unless that’s a bug. Either way, come on apple! It’s your own app so update the darn thing.
  • Great for me!!!!

    By BenLovesApple!
    I can rate lots of my music, kind of like my music teacher lets me rate my music on a scale of 1 to 10 😉😉😉
  • Once was great

    By Daniel Casey Hopkins
    Decided to record a melody that’s floating in my head after taking a break from music the last 6 months... downloaded/deleted the app multiple times with nothing but a frozen screen after hitting record... update.... it worked after the 5th redownload...
  • So close but so frustrating

    By jeremy hillary boob phd
    All my voice notes that I use on this app begin with me shouting at the app to open and start, it takes so long to start recording or to do anything on it - there’s always a 5-10 second lag time and it completely interrupts and kills whatever idea I had that I was trying to record. I’ve been using it for a few months now and have hundreds of blank 0 second recordings from pressing the record button and it taking a MINUTE to start recording - so close to being great but so frustrating If you fixed this lag time, this app would be perfect. But as it stands, it’s kinda garbage
  • It’s ok

    By JonH2O
    I have accumulated quite a collection of ideas and preferably I’d like to import them all at once from the file sharing. I tried a while back but it’s like these are all stored on the cloud and I have to send them individually to an email address. Maybe I missed something? Otherwise it’s pretty solid.
  • I love it, but Apple doesn’t?

    By Mad Chipmunk
    This is a great app. Unfortunately, Apple seems uninterested in updating it. Music Memos still isn’t sized for the iPhone X or this year’s XS, XS Max, or XR. If you want the best experience with Music Memos, blow the dust off your old phone. Don’t get me wrong. The app does function on the new phones, but Music Memos is nonetheless a disappointment. When you buy a new phone from a company, and the company doesn’t update its own apps to work with it — nearly a year and a half after introducing the form factor — that’s a pretty sorry state of affairs.
  • Buggy - if it functions at all

    By Mod Zod
    Such a great app design and interface - this *could* have been brilliant - however it doesn’t work! Finally deleting after ~2 years and hundreds of recordings because although it was always increasingly buggy (particularly with activating the record function) it no longer responds at all. This applies to both my iPhone and iPad Pro. [Btw, short of factory reset/wiping my devices, I did all the basic troubleshooting - firmware/software up to date, deleted/ reinstalled, ran app solo, allocated space, etc]. A massive FAIL.