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What do you when you’re bored? Tune-in to SPOON! SPOON is a place where we can talk about our stories through personal radio broadcasts. It’s a place where we can create entertaining live broadcasts and talk about our daily lives Where cool DJs and their listeners can interact with each other. A radio where we do everything together, SPOON! From now on, use your voice to express yourself And proudly share it here. Have fun in SPOON! [A look into Spoon] 1. A new-generation radio? - In SPOON, anyone can easily start a radio broadcast - Find a variety of contents, from live broadcasts to recorded audio 2. Stories you want to hear? - Music > Discover music and interesting broadcasts - Daily life > Talk about daily lives with other users - Love > The only radio for love advices - Humor > Is there any other radio that can make you laugh like this? :) 3. Stories you want to share? - Start a live broadcast and communicate with other users real-time - Record and upload the stories you want to share - Watch as all your stories become interesting broadcasts - Leave simple messages through talk or voice comments 4. Make a friend in Spoon? One, discover users with great voices Two, visit his/her profile and become a FAN Three, post on their FAN board and start interacting! [SPOON Challenge] One, get your voices ready Two, meet new users and share your stories Three, become friends with your FANs and start communicating Four, have fun in SPOON! ;) [Frequently Asked Questions] Q1: What makes Spoon Radio special? A: Spoon Radio is the pioneer audio live streaming platform in South Korea that provides LIVE broadcasts and a variety of other audio contents Q2: Who uses Spoon Radio? A: Spoon Radio is used by anyone, regardless of age, who love radio and touching stories


  • 유튜브 광고 자제좀...

    By 10076587256
    맨날 머 목소리가 시크하다고 하고 처음 몇번 들을 땐 좋은데 계속 들으니깐 짜증남 유튜브 광고만 자제하면 좋을듯
  • 😷😷😷

    By Jojo1212jojo
    برنامج خرى
  • Can’t change language

    By semoal
    How I can change the language? I don’t know Korean
  • Review

    By M-A Drizzy
    I really like the app , and I love it's idea so much , it helps people from all over the world connect and it embraces diversity which is truly exquisite! However I'd like to draw your attention to the restrictions of the app . I'm a Sudanese citizen who lives in Sudan , and i face troubles using the app in terms of the restrictions. I'd love it if you help make it available for us to use the app in my region . Thank you so much in advance!
  • Bad update

    By Memekkkkkkkkk
    The app was so perfect until 4 days ago the last update changed everything my account was korean but when I opened it after the update everything changed to korean and my account was logged out 😭💔
  • 별 한개도 아까움ㅠㅗ

    유툽 나올때마다 역겨워죽겟어여 광고를 겁나 때릴거면 제대로 만들기라도 하던가 무슨 역겹기대회 1등한 목소리로만 한건지 막상 가면 쓰잘때기없는 아프리카보다 못한 플랫폼을 만들어놓았으면서 하 진짜 광고들을때마다 청력 확 떨어지는 느낌임 광고좀 제발 민폐 안주는걸로좀 해라 이자슥들아 ㅡㅜㅜㅜ ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅗㅗㅗㅗㅠㅜㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗ 목소리 겁나 역겹고 내용은 더더ㅓ더ㅗㅗㅗㅗ역겨움 도대체 의미를 모르겠는 광고 볼때마다 토할거같아여 근데 도대체 누가 이걸 이용하고 싶겠냐고? 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
  • 재미있네요

    By 미남이누나
    톡 업데이트 해주세요~
  • 별로예요

    By Best woman in the world
    홍보는 유튜브에 도배해놓고... 막상 들어가면 아프리카tv audio version ...;;
  • 구매내역 삭제를

    By Plxkoog
    해달라는 놈들은 도대체 무슨 마인드냐. 물건 너무 많이사서 버릴 때 영수증 버리면 집 깨끗해지냐 ㅡㅡ;;
  • 운영진들 일하냐?

    By PreDumb
    아니 저작권있는 그림들 막 가져다가 쓰는 사람들 신고하는데 왜 그사람들 제제를 안줌? 이제 또 고소한다고하면 아 이거는 저희가 잘못한게 아니라 함부로 악용한 bj 들의 잘못입니다. 저희는 몰랐어요. 감성비디오⭐️ 이러려고하시나 다들? 좀 도용하는거 신고하면 바로바로 제제 해주세요 좀.