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Collect and trade your favorite characters including Daryl, Rick, Maggie, Carol, Negan, and many others as they continue to fight, and more importantly survive, in an ever-changing post-apocalyptic world! YOUR VERY OWN VIRTUAL HOBBY SHOP! • Collect iconic moments and characters from the entire history of The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead. • NEW cards released everyday + claim free packs & coins just by logging in! • NEW Base cards, marathon sets, insert sets, original artwork, digital autographs, and more! • Collect exclusive cards by spinning our Card Wheel – where every spin yields a prize! JOIN A PASSIONATE COMMUNITY • Topps has the best community of Walking Dead card collectors in the world. • Chat in our Fan Feed with other users and propose trades 24/7! • Level up and earn experience points (XPs), unlocking more content. *For the best experience, we recommend devices be updated to iOS 11.0.0 or later. * ----- MORE INFO Stay tuned with The Walking Dead: Card Trader releases and events: - Follow @ToppsTWD on Twitter - Join us on Facebook: - Follow @ToppsDigital on Instagram -


  • Review

    By MCANNON 72
    What started as a fun game has changed to a primarily purchase only game. They have completely eliminated all coin bonuses to force you to purchase diamonds. Original content is scarce now and really there is no need to check more than once a day. Some many players have left that there are not enough traders left to complete basic sets. Topps is completely unresponsive to its fan base and will not communicate changes. When I asked about the coin bonuses I was told that I was asking for a unfair advantage over other players. Problems and glitches with the app go unfixed. It is really sad how far this game has fallen.
  • Annoyed

    By roachpellet
    Been playing a while this is crazy now I can’t do anything because it tells me server response is delayed every other second and that I entered my email address wrong or password and I’m clearly playing. Wow topps please get this fix smh. Upcharge on coin packs it’s more a pay to play. I don’t know how much longer I’ll stay playing
  • This app has become annoying

    By DangerousDaves
    I’m so tired of this app crashing every time I use it. The prices have gone up for cards and every time I buy one I have to scroll back down to it. How stupid. Get it together or I’m deleting your app!
  • Keeps crashing!!!

    By xfheyferjkb
    I love this game but I’m missing out on getting cards because the game keeps crashing! 3 times within 2 mins. Every time I try to purchase cards, it crashes!!! FIX THIS PLEASE?!
  • Crashes

    By Caseyfoofoo
    Can not be used on an iPod touch. Crashes on opening screen. Can not look at cards nor participate in any game features.
  • Longtime user who knows how it used to be

    By Funken79
    So I have made several reviews since joining but feel I need to lay it out there after recent moves by app owner to fix their mess up by punishing the users. The app has never really been the same since the update that made an additional currency available and they introduced the prize wheel. The wheel required diamonds to get the premium wheel which included currency cards on it that rewarded users with the amount on the card. Sounds good right well all good till the wheel was found to have a glitch and their answer was to take our winnings with no notice like we never won. It would be like winning on a slot machine that the casino found to have an issue with its settings. It wouldn’t happen in the case of the casino but does in the eyes of topps and the owner of the app. If you truly like the walking dead and enjoy it stick to real cards. If you want to waste away real money for cards that are not really yours then download the app. They have pretty much sucked all the fun out of the app in the name of a greedy company who doesn’t care about its users at all. It wasn’t always this way but times have turned in their favor and not ours. If I could give it negative stars I would. Been on the app since it’s beginning too.
  • Annoyed long time player

    By Spidget
    I loved the app and have been on since the release. The new update has lowered collection scores, crashed app constantly, made feed start in middle, sometimes causes cards to blank out in trade and overall is frustrating. Not sure exactly what happened with prize wheel but it's now crashed and users are punished for playing it by losing wins. My issue is not that evidently there was ANOTHER glitch with prize wheel and to fix it they must take from issue is that I played to get Forest green cards and OE that could only come off prize wheel. I have no control what it lands on but am being treated as if I did. If it was a pack glitch and I knew it existed, and chose to take advantage of it I can see me deserving of punishment but playing a wheel game as normal for cards limited to the wheel, isn't the same and basically the player loses no matter what! If they play they will lose what they win...if they don't want to lose they don't play and can't get the cards they need...however my biggest issue is communication. It'd be nice to be told things will be taken away b4 they are. Glitches galore that hurt players are kept on for MONTHS for lack of time but in insta second they have time to take things away and break to fix the wheel. Topps is usually good to fix their mistakes and if they do I'll change my review but lately I feel they don't care.
  • Used to run fine

    By This guy fg 34
    Now crashes every few mins :-(
  • Terrible support

    By Tnutz3
    Haven’t had access to the store to buy cards in months. Go through the “support” process and get nothing resolved. I wish I could give 0 stars.
  • So sad

    By Lightningmike 85
    I am embarrassed to say how much money I put in this app. I was so into it for so long I didn’t even care. Ever since the diamonds it just slowly got worse and worse. Topps doesn’t care about you.. just your money. Don’t waste your time on this