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WWE DIGITAL COLLECTIBLE SHOWCASE! • New cards released every day in your very own virtual hobby shop! • Collect Inserts and Signature Cards highlighting top matches and rivalries. • Collect cards from different eras of WWE. From Attitude Era Stars like Stone Cold and The Rock, to present-day Superstars like The Miz, Ronda Rousey, and Braun Strowman! FRESH AND ENGAGING CONTENT! • NEW content for every WWE PPV and NXT TakeOver! • Level up by completing sets, earning awards, and pulling cards from packs • Dynamic card releases: new series and editions, custom artwork, digital signatures, relics, and more! • Exclusive WWE Content: collect inserts featuring WWE Comic Covers from BOOM! Studios, or stunning artwork from Rob Schamberger! BECOME PART OF WWE SLAM NATION! • Talk, trade, and share your voice with the collecting community. • Join the best community of WWE card collectors in the world! • Chat with app users in our fan feed and propose trades 24/7! *For the best experience, we recommend devices be updated to iOS 11.2.0 or later.* MORE INFO Stay tuned with all of the action and newest card releases! - Follow @ToppsDigitalOfficial on Instagram - Join on Facebook: facebook.com/toppswweslam/ - Follow @ToppsSlam on Twitter - https://www.youtube.com/c/ToppsDigitalApps


  • Pay to win

    By Wyatt9905
    Is a fun game to trade with and interact with people online but is pretty much a pay to win
  • Tops does not care

    By Mikesdad
    All the reviews say the same thing. Constantly crashes and nothing is done about it. Go buy real cards you can own and hold physically, this is a waste of time and money.
  • Great game

    By Smasher55
    Great game!! One request though. Add hulk hogan please
  • Slam

    By K1E1V3I8N
    Nice app. Use to get cards of Superstars for free. Now you have to pay to get the good cards and any free are same picture with a different background.
  • What happened to you?

    By Havok211
    Used to be awesome. I’ve been collecting on this app since the beginning and now I can’t go for more than 5 minutes without it crashing. I can maybe get 1 pack opening or a single trade submission but any additional attempts at doing anything on it and it crashes. What happened to you Slam? You used to be cool
  • Not even worth your time

    By AGuyWhoDoesReviewa
    Don’t even bother with this garbage game. A complete waste of time and effort especially if you have an apple product as the game will crash at any moment. The recent updates have made this game worse than it already is.
  • UGH! >:(

    By JohnPMorrison
    Fun app. too bad it crashes every. Single. Time. I do anything... really hope this gets fixed.
  • Funny af

    By AK ya boi
    I love how the featured comment is completely trashing the game
  • Too many complicated sets and offers

    This app used to be really fun it was kind of simple easy to understand had a couple different side sets you could afford to pay for it if you wanted to and if you didn’t they gave you ample coins so that you could actually participate. But now the problem is they have these strange contests that sometimes the cards are only available for two or three hours I don’t understand it anymore they’ve really lost me here it was really fun I can’t even follow the contest anymore there are so many inns and outs
  • Crashing

    By TheLegitQueen
    Every time I try to play it keep crashing within 2 min of me being on the app it’s got to where I can barely play it and it is getting extremely tiring it needs to be fixed pronto