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UFC has teamed up with the classic sports and entertainment collectibles brand, Topps, to bring you the ultimate digital trading card app, Topps UFC KNOCKOUT! Collect and trade with UFC fans around the world and play your card collection in real-time Contests to win in-app prizes! COLLECT UFC DIGITAL COLLECTIBLES! • New UFC cards released every week: Including NEW content for every major UFC bout! • Collect & trade your favorite UFC athletes, match-ups, moments, relics, and more! • Chase inserts, diamond and coin cards, and other rarities in our Card Prize Wheel! • Dynamic consumer products: new sets and limited editions, custom artwork, classic Topps designs, digital signatures, and more! REAL-TIME ACTION, REAL-TIME SCORING! •Assemble your best KNOCKOUT fighter or champion cards and use them in real-time contests to receive points based on the UFC® athletes’ performances in real life •Streamlined scoring system: play your cards to score points when fighters perform KNOCKDOWNS, SUBMISSION ATTEMPTS or TAKEDOWNS in live UFC® fights •Swap your cards mid-fight based on the UFC athletes’ live MMA performances to receive points JOIN KNOCKOUT NATION! • Talk, trade, and be one with the best community of UFC card collectors in the world! • Propose & counter trades 24/7, and message potential traders via our message function! • Chat with fellow users in our fan feed on latest news, rumors, matchups and more! *For the best experience, we recommend devices be updated to iOS 11.0 or later.* MORE INFO  Stay tuned with all of the action and newest card releases! - Follow @ToppsDigitalOfficial on Instagram - Join on Facebook: facebook.com/toppsufcknockout/ - Follow @ToppsUFC on Twitter - https://www.youtube.com/c/ToppsDigitalApps



    By Jay16515
    This app has been run to the ground, and Topps doesn’t care about their customers. I really wish UFC Reps would step in and take care of this! Terrible look for UFC & Topps both! I would rate 0 stars if I could.
  • Dead App

    By Bac41
    In typical Topps fashion the updates caused major issues as testing doesn’t happen with this company. Fans lost interest and now Topps updates maybe once a month. Even the feeds are dead. I’m deleting the app after being on from day one. Such a sad waste as this had potential had any other company except Topps had the rights.
  • I miss the 2016 version😞

    By MieshaCupcakeTate23
    I miss Topps back in 2016 where we used coins to get inserts I used to play this game all day everyday and rounded up a decent ammount of inserts, but lately I don’t get that same vibe anymore especially since they make it so hard to get diamonds just to buy insert packs that you have a rare chance of getting :(. I have over 1m coins and can only use them on basecards that I can get free. Hope this app get’s a major update soon because I’ve lost all my hope and interest in it.
  • Nice try

    By JWar22
    Garbage app with garbage card. Level up packs are near 100% duplicates. Anyone that gives this app money should be committed
  • Garbage App

    By B-Easy1723
    This app is a complete lie, no coin inserts have been released in more than a month and a half. And the Topps team doesn’t even care. If I could give 0 stars I would!!!
  • Just awful

    By C.Ericson
    The app rarely updates anymore. It’s been one month since the last time it released inserts you could use coins for. It’s impossible to trade unless you’re crosstrading. It’s a shame, this app had a lot of promise, but it’s all but dead at this point. Don’t even bother with it
  • New cards

    By aggrevated 56
    Never have anything to offer in the store. Ready to delete this app.
  • Don’t waste your time or money

    By Bodycount 1
    Used to be a fun app. Over the last year Topps has neglected the app. New content is a joke, contests are totally worthless if they happen to work. New cards can only be acquired by diamond purchases but have no use since the contests don’t have prizes of any value. Customer support is indifferent at best, dishonest and rude at its worst.
  • Annoying

    By Acerazer1
    The constant requests to review the app are really getting on my nerves so one star. STOP IT
  • Neglected

    The app was becoming somewhat popular during the first six months in existence. The new merchandise and sets were competitive with other Topps apps. Suddenly Topps began neglecting the app and the customers. Naturally users became uninterested and Topps has shown no concern for the app or the fans. customer service reps are rude and not the least bit concerned about any issues that arise. Things have gotten so bad that I often wonder why the app is still in existence. There are only about 100 people that keep the app operating. Topps had recently implemented a diamond only purchasing system. The only way to obtain the diamonds is to pay with credit card. Not a bad idea on the producers part but they have managed to make that insulting with lackluster design. Finally there are only a handful of fighters that customers want which make the app enjoyable. Topps refuses to produce new content with the most popular fighters. App should be shut down without a doubt.