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  • Release Date: 2016-09-29
  • Current Version: 2.27.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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unGlue parental control app is the simplest way to manage your children’s screen time. With our unique parental controls, you can set a screen timer to limit screen time, use our app blocker to hide apps, and turn the internet off completely. You can manage as many iPhones, iPads, iPods, or other smartphones and tablets as you want. It only takes a moment to set up our parental control app free for a trial period. With screentime, you can set limits so your family time becomes quality time. unGlue is the parent control app for your family. With unGlue, you can now: • Set daily screen time limits on disruptive apps like social media, videos, games • Create screentime schedules for wakeup time, homework time, family time, and bedtime • Use our app blocker to hide your kids’ apps when their screentime schedule is over • Remotely block the internet on any device or on all devices with a single click • Get your kids to do chores to earn more screentime. They will finally help around the house • Have your kids walk, run, and be physically active to earn more screentime • Block Adult content and pornography websites • Assign multiple devices per kid & designate shared family devices • Monitor app, game & website activity with usage reports for each device unGlue is the only solution that lets parents set screen time boundaries across any type of device, iOS, smartphones, tablets, laptops, even Smart TVs. We let kids manage their own screentime across any device they have, at home and while on the go. unGlue for Parents lets you: • Block Instagram, block Snapchat, Block Houseparty, block, block Tinder, and other social networks • Block YouTube, block Netflix, block Amazon prime, and other video apps • Block Minecraft, block Fortnite, block Clash of Clans, block Pokémon Go and other games • Block internet access, block apps outside of screentime settings • Teach your kids important time management skills • Set internet schedules for dinnertime, homework time, bedtime for better family time • Reward kids for doing chores with extra screentime Better screen time habits With our Time Bank feature, kids can spend and earn their screentime minutes like cash. Parents set the screentime withdrawal limit per day so there is no more binge-watching Chores for Time Reward your children with more screentime when they complete chores from their Kids App. (Take out the trash=15 more minutes!) Create new custom chores or customize existing ones to match your family Steps for Time Encourages a healthy, active lifestyle by letting kids earn extra screentime based on their activity goals parents set Turn the Internet off Turn off internet access for one or all devices with a simple click. Whether it's time for homework or family time, we make it easy to create a screen-free zone Monitor Activities Keep an eye on the websites & apps your kids visit through the unGlue usage report. Earn up to a year of free Premium by recommending unGlue to your friends. Every friend joined gives you a free month! unGlue contains no advertisements or third party promotions. SUBSCRIPTION & TERMS unGlue offers a 14-day free trial when you sign up. When your trial ends, you can use our basic version for free or subscribe to keep your unlimited access to all of our features. Your unGlue Premium subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at the confirmation of purchase. 24 hours prior to the end of your term, your subscription will renew automatically at the price agreed to. You can turn off your automatic renewal in your iTunes account settings, but you must do so at least 24 hours before your current term ends. Refunds will not be provided for the unused portion of any term Questions: [email protected] Support: Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:


  • Teenage daughters

    By No one's fool
    This app is the third parent in your house hold! It won’t cook ur kids meals or stop them from rolling there eyes... but it is the most helpful parenting tool I have found to assist thus far! My favorite thing about this app is that it allows me to monitor my daughters activity without invading her personal privacy! I do not want to know more than I NEED to when it comes to my teenagers personal thoughts and conversations! I can see how they are spending there time without spying on their conversations and getting more than I asked for! I’ve read reviews that criticize this apps shortcomings and feel it important to state that this isn’t an app that will replace BEING A PARENT IN A GENERATION WHERE TECHNOLOGY IS ADVANCING AND CHILDREN DONT KNOW A WORLD WITHOUT IT.... it will not do ur job for u... but it will make ur job DOABLE! If ur looking for a perfect app that will control ur child’s device so u don’t have to then ur issues go beyond the need for helpful apps! I love the simplicity of this app and user friendly layout! It’s obvious it was designed by real parents! The kids using device epidemic is going know where unless our world is destroyed by walking dead and civilization reverts back to factory settings before power existed.... but that’s unlikely.... so quit griping about what’s wrong with this generation and download this app so our parenting evolves with our children’s technology!! The only suggestions I have for the developers to consider is a button that can allow parents to shut the entire device down with a click!!! That would definitely address the issues other reviewers have written about such as apps that don’t need internet etc! A kill switch would also be effective if combined with immediate alert that ur child is attempting to change settings, delete or turn off app! Bam... no mam u thought being sneaky was a good idea... nope kid now ur device has been shut down! But if parents also set parental controls on ur child’s device when purchased u wouldn’t need to worry about there administrative access to the app because they won’t be able to make those changes! To the developers; Please don’t over complicate this app when trying to improve! we see this happen in so many other successful and popular things these days! I prefer old iPhones for example because new ones just keep adding crap to improve and the more crap added the less user friendly it is!!! This app is amazing... a tad more ability for complete control and a way to restrict app changes from kid device is really all it needs ! Thank you for sharing your parenting knowledge and developing a tool to aid parents .... please continue you amazing work! Ps ur kids are smart and lazy and were born into world only knowing a time when technology exists... they will ALWAYS FIND A WORK AROUND TO OUR SOLUTIONS.... be a parent, monitor usage and talk to ur children so that u don’t have to worry about these loop holes because I’ve taught the tiny human ur in charge of how to be a good and decent human with the right values.... then u can trust the person instead of hunting for a new fix for every new work around! Be parents .... if kids are searching for a way around rules and restrictions and parents are searching for a new perfect app to parent kids and there sneaky new ways to break rules.... then we are truly on our way down!!! If u can’t understand how that idea is like never ending game of whack-a-mole, then humanity is screwed!!!! LOL thanks again developers... great work... parent reviewers with complaints ....please shut up app won’t do ur job or be perfect...where is ur review page? LOL
  • Disappointing

    By endorules
    The app really does not do what they claim it does. Agree with previous criticism that it does not have the ability to monitor all apps. So the bottom line is that no matter what you do, your kids will continue to have more screen time than you want them to. Additionally, if you want your kids to be able to watch Netflix, you have to DISABLE the app so they can use it. Bottom line is that it doesn’t do what they claim it does, and it’s cumbersome and annoying to have to worry about which apps it works for and which ones it doesn’t. Waste of money.
  • So easy for kids to crack

    By chrlsnwn
    Felt very nice at first but after lots of glitches I realized my kids simply found all the tricks to by pass very quick the situation gets worse: you think you’re in peace but actually it’s the opposite....

    By 123ryan.s
    The “free” app works for about two weeks then does NOTHING unless you subscribe to the premium for $100/year or $12/month.
  • Doesn’t work

    By TomMcL71
    Not sure what is limiting but if limiting nothing is what your looking for this app is it
  • Did correctly record usage

    By NotaWriter1234
    I installed the app on both of my daughters’ iPads. I was receiving notifications when they reached their entertainment usage limit, and I thought it was all good. Then I began noticing that, even when my oldest daughter was not using her iPad, I was receiving notifications about her usage. I looked at the list of what she had been doing online (keep in mind that during the entire time I was reviewing she had not used her iPad, and for more than half the time it the battery had been dead). It was recording her visiting internet sites and using apps that she doesn’t even have on her iPad, such as Snapchat and Instagram. I contacted the support team via email, sending them detailed explanations of what was happening and screen shots of both my device and hers. Initially the support team seemed like they were looking into the matter, but they continued to tell me that my daughter was obviously doing what UnGlue reported she was doing, regardless of the fact the iPad was out of battery during some of the reported usage. I continued to press the issue because I had paid for a year subscription, and I either wanted the matter resolved or my money refunded. Eventually they stopped responding to my email. I have cancelled my subscription, but it never worked correctly. Be aware if you install the app that you may get incorrect reports of your children’s usage. You will also not receive support if you need it for that sort of issue. It was a very unpleasant experience and a huge waste of money.
  • Great app idea disappointed in it

    By bjlightening
    I love the concept of the app. But it doesn’t work when the time is up it still lets him continue on his entertainment. I have tried many different settings and still can’t get it to work. I am really hoping that we can get this app working.
  • Flawed

    By Dhjsjsjsjjsjsjsnxkxjxndj
    Didn’t do it job, when I emailed unglue multiple times I never got a response. Unglue wasn’t picking up any of my daughters time I usage and would stay on 30 mins past bedtime.
  • I love this app.I couldn’t disagree more with the last review

    By nocritisizing
    I assume that children are different so different circumstances and different interest could lead you to believe that unglue only has authority over about 200 apps stated in the review. Well my child seems to be using those exact apps because I can control her entire phone 24/7 365. I can see basically any app she uses and how long she spends on that app. She can request more time or do things to earn time. I found that the best time is when she runs out of time and the phone is useless to her she has to ask for more time. I can’t say I’ve been waiting for this app because the choice to get my child a phone is new and worrisome, but this app makes me believe that screen time can be somewhat safer with a parent monitoring every little detail.
  • Not a Parental Monitoring App

    By None68467
    Maybe this app is just for iPhone addiction. I was trying to find a parental control app I could trust to block porn on my child’s phone, turn off at bedtime, and set a time limit on technology time. I don’t know how well it’s blocking porn. It does seem to disable the internet at bedtime, but not other capabilities and apps. I set a 90 min per day limit. I know she has been on her phone all day Sat, Sun, and Mon, and it always says she has time remaining because it doesn’t count time used texting and whatever else she does on it. The usage report on her ipad has been blank for a week. The usage report for the phone says she uses about 10 min today on various websites, but it’s obviously not an accurate reflection of her technology time. This app doesn’t do what I need.