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  • Release Date: 2017-03-15
  • Current Version: 4.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Wondering what to wear today or need a bit of outfit inspiration? Let Cladwell personally style you every day using the clothes already in your closet. You can also follow your friends' closets and explore what others are wearing every day from around the world. •••• • Simply Tap Items To Add Your Closet Browse over 16,000 women's & men's articles of clothing that are similar to what you already own and add them to your digital closet within the app. Can't find a specific item? Quickly snap a photo of your clothes and upload. • See Daily Outfit Ideas, Stylist Approved Receive daily outfit inspiration based on what's in your closet, the weather forecast, and how often you wear an item. Swipe through the outfit ideas, and log it for the day. Need a little more inspiration? Browse your virtual closet to see outfits by specific articles of clothing. • Follow Friends' Closets & Explore Outfits Get inspired by your friends. Look into each others' closets. And discover new closets and outfits from around the world. • Organize Your Closet or Capsule Have specific clothes for work or a particular season? Are you packing for a trip? Organize your closet with Cladwell's Capsule Wardrobe Manager. See the most relevant outfit ideas, specific to the clothes in a selected capsule wardrobe. • Discover Your Personal Style Cladwell allows you to track what you wear each day, so you learn about your personal style. Discover which clothing you love and wear most often, and which you don’t. Feel great about cutting the closet clutter while looking great. • Shop Smarter Discover what types of clothing to add that best match what you already own in your closet or capsule wardrobe. Discover your style and unlock endless outfit possibilities with Cladwell. •••• Curious how thousands of current subscribers have already made Cladwell a part of their daily routine? Here are just a few of our most recent customer reviews: “It’s been very helpful in giving me ideas to expand how I use my wardrobe!” - Amelia “This app saves me money in the long run and helps me rediscover both my style and the bottom of my closet.” - Claudia “it has saved me lots of time and, more importantly, saved me lots of decision-making. I have a stressful job and one less thing to think about means A LOT.” - Megan “I have already recommended it to family and friends. It has helped to de-clutter my life and makes getting ready for work so easy!” - Andrea “It’s a great way to figure out what to wear and use the clothes you already own.” - Brian •••• You can currently join Cladwell absolutely free for life for a limited time only. •••• Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: SUPPORT For support, please visit - We are always here & want to help. FEEDBACK We value our subscribers and their feedback! To help us improve Cladwell, please send us a note at


  • 4 stars before the latest update

    By do_the_thing
    The good: I’ve been using this app for months, & it’s made getting dressed so much simpler. I’ve always gotten stressed about choosing clothes, & ended up wearing the same small set of outfits because it’s less to think about. This makes it so much easier, I don’t have to think about it nearly as much, & when part of the outfit I wanted to wear is in the laundry, I can easily replace that item with something else, instead of blanking like I used to. It also makes packing for travel— another stressful area for me— so much easier. I can plan in the app before looking in my closet, & try out adding & removing items without ending up with my clothes strewn around my living room. The bad: With the latest update, the first thing that shows up in daily outfit recommendations is a shopping recommendation, with a big pulsing “Shop Now” button. It’s obnoxious. I’m picking out my outfit for that day or the following morning, not planning a shopping trip. The fact that when I finish editing an outfit, it puts me back on that first screen, is even more obnoxious. I was recommending this app to friends, but I can’t recommend something that’s so blatantly trying to sell me things. What I’ve liked about the app is that I’m not hit with that anxiety that my wardrobe is missing something. It’s helped me be satisfied with what I have, & that’s what has made it so helpful. Please change this back. I’m using this app to alleviate the stress of picking my clothes every day. I don’t want to think about buying things when I’m doing that.
  • Social, consumerist aspects are unappealing

    By AppleBrandy
    I have been using this app for years. Over time, things have gotten better and better: more options for selecting items and outfits, more customization, etc. However, the more recent social and shopping related features are a huge turn off for me. I started using Cladwell because I wanted to minimize my wardrobe and make the most of the clothes I already have. I feel like the latest “Shop Now” recommendations are just trying to get me to buy more stuff I don’t want or need. And those recommendations pop up whenever I try to choose an outfit for the day. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to turn the feature off. I’ve also noticed that the links to the recommended items (which I clicked on by accident) go to Nordstrom’s website. This makes me think Cladwell is getting some $$$ from Nordstrom. I’m already a paying member of Cladwell. I shouldn’t be getting these subversive advertisements for a retailer. Additionally, the “Explore” feature just makes me self-conscious. I never get any “snaps” and all the popular posts are from fashion influencers. I was able to stop sharing my outfits; it wasn’t worthwhile to me. But I don’t look at the “Explore” tab anymore in general. It just makes me compare my style to others, which isn’t fun at all.
  • I really like it, but....

    By grant11
    I have loved using this app for the past two months. For a stay at home mom of 5, clothes can get boring, and this app totally changed that for me. BUT... the app is becoming increasingly glitchy and I just don’t have time for that. It takes the fun and inspiration right out of it. I totally get that no technology is perfect and things happen, but for me, I’ll have to stop using it if that continues. Also, the new feature where you can shop right from the suggested outfits- YUCK. If that’s going to be an option, it should not be the first thing you see right when you open the app. I want to use this so that I appreciate and learn to make use of what I already own. Not have stuff I don’t need being advertised to me all the time like it is everywhere else you look every minute of every day.
  • Sell outs. 👎👎👎👎👎

    By GoneWorkin
    This app is crap. It used to be really great but then it started trying to sell me clothes, it constantly makes math errors - id be better off with a notepad and pen - it also stopped showing logged Outfit history unless you display your closet publicly, and it shows me the same three stupid memes every day when I log an outfit.
  • I love this app!

    By Mel Hansen
    This app is great at helping me figure out what to wear on a daily basis and where to fill in gaps in my wardrobe. I can now mix and match and make so many different outfits with a capsule like wardrobe. Also, you can see others’ closets now and outfits for inspiration. I have nothing negative to say about this app as they are always making improvements.
  • Now a put together stay at home mom!

    By Breninabag
    As a stay at home mom with a 7 week old newborn and 2 toddlers, I find myself gravitating towards wearing the same easy comfy pants and T-shirts. Now I feel put together in all the beautiful and stylish clothes I already own without having to put much thought into it, or have to spend time trying things on when a crying baby needs me. When I get out of the shower I pull up the app to see my suggestions on what to wear and go with it or modify it slightly depending on what activity I’m doing with the kids that day. I love that it pulls the weather forecast right into it, so it’s not suggesting springtime clothes if there’s a storm coming through that day. And I’m loving the ‘Explore’ others’ outfits feed! I’ve gotten great inspiration from fellow app users who have similar closet items, and it’s great to see fun styles on all body shapes and sizes instead of the same body shapes on the websites of clothing companies. I also love that I can get suggestions for, and log multiple outfits in the same day... using the same top or bottom and editing the other piece, or sometimes changing completely, since it’s hard to wear just one outfit these days with spit up, blow outs, paint covered kid hands and muddy little feet! Thanks Cladwell for helping me feel like a stylish mama without having to go shopping anywhere!
  • good but could use some adjustments

    By teenage girl😎
    cladwell is awesome at helping me come up with new outfits, but it feels like it’s meant for 30-something-year-old businessperson and not a teenager who normally wears more casual outfits. first of all, when u go to add a new item, the clothing they give u isn’t suited to teenagers, despite it having u select an age range when u create your account. i was forced to photograph almost my entire closet instead of just selecting one of cladwell’s options. second, once u add an item, u have the option to add details about the item. however, the options for styles, sleeves, and length don’t include things like tube tops, mom jeans, cropped shirts, ripped jeans, and cropped sweaters and hoodies. The color options are also limited; they don’t have trendy colors like mustard or ballet pink. lastly, the shopping list it gives would be extremely helpful-if it was more suited for my age and style. it suggests things like neutral block heels or a black button-down. i wish there was something in that style quiz u take when u create an account that lets u pick what types of items u like or even let u select stores whose clothes u like so that it knows to suggest items that fit with that store’s style. add that, more options for adding details about an item, and preset options that fit your style and cladwell would be worthy of a full five stars. thanks for your consideration!!! p.s. it would be nice to have more categories, too, like swimsuits, sunglasses, bags, jewelry, and scrunchies. and maybe make it so that u could select categories u want to see suggestions from on the suggestion page, so that you’re not getting suggestions of a swimsuit, boots, and a hoodie. this is just a side note, so worry about the stuff above first and then think about this.
  • Highly recommended!

    By #hereforlooks
    I have so much fun adding my own wardrobe pieces and seeing them styled by Cladwell! When I’m in a rush I get quick styling ideas and also great tips on organizing my own clothes. I get great shopping tips too! I also like viewing and following other women/girls and guy’s wardrobes! I really like this app!
  • Like the concept but it doesn’t work at all

    By Cinderxlla
    At first, it generated awesome outfit ideas for me but now it’s just showing dresses, not pants or shorts. Every time I try to create a capsule, it erases right after. Waste of time. Love the concept but would be great for them to generate new and creative outfits and make features actually work. Lots of bugs in the app. After using the app for a month, it crashes repeatedly after I start it up. Not good at all
  • I think there’s a glitch...

    By Bryson swag
    Why in my recommended outfits is it not giving me a top, only a jacket or sweater option? This has happened multiple times. It’s like it just forgets that piece for the day??? It’s putting my jackets & sweaters as a top instead of a layer. This is the case on all 3 of my recommendations.