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Topps® NHL SKATE™ '19: Hockey Card Trader is the officially-licensed digital trading card app of the National Hockey League (NHL®), National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA), and National Hockey League Alumni Association (NHLAA). YOUR OWN NHL HOBBY STORE! •Classic Topps meets the Digital Age: Relive the nostalgia of hockey card collecting and trading, all from your mobile device! •NEW cards releases every day! Collect your favorite NHL superstars, both past and present! •Dynamic consumer products: SKATE19 base cards, original artwork, classic Topps sets, live player signature cards, and more! BRING YOUR CARD COLLECTION TO LIFE! • Watch LIVE NHL games and compete in real-time contests against fans around the world! • Enter FREE contests and set your ultimate lineup with your best SKATE® player cards to win points, awards, prizes and more! • Player cards reflect real-time NHL action – they score…you score! • Chase cards that have BOOSTS to super-charge your collection and Contest lineups! BECOME PART OF SKATE NATION! • Topps has the best community of hockey card collectors in the world. • Chat with fellow hockey fanatics in our Fan Feed and propose trades with up to 18 cards! • Level up and earn experience points (XPs). You can level up by winning contests, completing sets, and pulling cards from packs. *For the best experience, we recommend devices be updated to iOS 11.0.0 or later. * ----- MORE INFO • Follow @ToppsDigitalOfficial on Instagram • Join on Facebook: Facebook.com/ToppsNHLSKATE • Follow @ToppsNHL on Twitter • Follow Topps Digital on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ToppsDigitalApps


  • Why would you just want to get cards

    By hityerde
    I thought I was going to be able to play games but apparently not, that was the only reason. Got this game because I wanted to play a game.
  • Great App! Missing a Key Feature!

    By Fearney17
    Great App! However, I would rate 5 ⭐️ if it had the Prize Wheel Feature that Bunt and Huddle have!
  • Like the app, most recent version crashes

    By The Mike Tiger
    Current version keeps crashing, since the introduction of base set 2. It’s not fun when you have to restart the app over and over and over
  • Was a Five Star app.

    By nhlfan1997
    Was great. I could collect cards, Trade and open packs without spending a dime. I was super close to actually putting money into this. But after the last update every time I go to the store the games crashes. Every time I try to spend coins or look at the packs available, it crashes.
  • Ted Kennedy

    By Jo4040
    Must have built this app.... cause ya know, it crashes a lot. Can hardly do a trade before the crash.
  • Best Topps App so far

    By jb41127
    The designs on the cards are very nice and affordable, both with credit and diamond pay options. Some very nice sets, and looking forward to more goalie-centric sets. Keep up the good work!
  • Truly Pay to Win

    By AtomicGunslinger
    This app is truly one where you need to pay to win. If you want the coolest or highest scoring inserts prepare to pay hundreds of dollars!! Literally no joke. If you don’t want the coolest or highest scoring inserts, you can still play and earn prizes but you’ll rarely be in the top. As for the prizes themselves they are terrible. Needs revamped. I only play because i love hockey but i am never spending a dime here.
  • Missing a prize wheel

    By RyanmPadden6
    Why is there no prize wheel???
  • This is a great app

    By WiNgNuT-721
    Only thing missing is the prize wheel like Huddle has. Otherwise I like it!
  • Okay, but could be a LOT better...

    By Krotz in Virginia Again
    The cards are fine, and I have no issue with rare cards being hard to get or the rarest cards only available by purchase. But a few things really irk me about this app: 1) You MUST connect with Facebook. At a time when people are getting rid of social media, Topps Skate requires you to link it to a Facebook account or you cannot save or trade cards. That’s asinine. 2) Filtering. I ought to be able to see ONLY the dupes someone has in a particular parallel, team, position, etc., and not just order by those criteria. This app wastes lots of time that is unnecessary. 3) Blind Trading. It’s great that, if you have a dupe, you can set up a “blind trade” and offer that card up for something you need. But the app gives you a list of 20 or so others to make the offer to (you can choose up to 5), and there is no logic to who is offered. Often, the card you are looking for is one that the offeree only has one of, and you end up looking like a jerk by tying to take their only one. This could be much better organized. 4) 1:1 Communication. For people you are “friends” with, you should be able to chat 1:1 and not have to do so in the trade feed. It’s annoying that the trade feed is filled with personal conversations that 99.9% of the people in the feed don’t care about. OR, make a general discussion feed, rather than only a trade feed. 5) Card Count!!!! This is the most annoying issue - EVERY card should have the card count (number of cards issued) on it. EVERY card. That’s an important part of valuing them, and it is just stupid that this is left off some cards. 6) Card Information. Call me old fashioned, but I miss the information on the back of the card such as the fun fact, Birthday, and that they were born in Zboj, Czechoslovakia. The card is digital and can have an unlimited amount of info - add this back! I’m also not in love with this season’s base card design, but that is more of less subjective. Lots of room for improvement, and I won’t continue after this season if it doesn’t improve.