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Topps® NHL SKATE™ '19: Hockey Card Trader is the officially-licensed digital trading card app of the National Hockey League (NHL®), National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA), and National Hockey League Alumni Association (NHLAA). YOUR OWN NHL HOBBY STORE! •Classic Topps meets the Digital Age: Relive the nostalgia of hockey card collecting and trading, all from your mobile device! •NEW cards releases every day! Collect your favorite NHL superstars, both past and present! •Dynamic consumer products: SKATE19 base cards, original artwork, classic Topps sets, live player signature cards, and more! BRING YOUR CARD COLLECTION TO LIFE! • Watch LIVE NHL games and compete in real-time contests against fans around the world! • Enter FREE contests and set your ultimate lineup with your best SKATE® player cards to win points, awards, prizes and more! • Player cards reflect real-time NHL action – they score…you score! • Chase cards that have BOOSTS to super-charge your collection and Contest lineups! BECOME PART OF SKATE NATION! • Topps has the best community of hockey card collectors in the world. • Chat with fellow hockey fanatics in our Fan Feed and propose trades with up to 18 cards! • Level up and earn experience points (XPs). You can level up by winning contests, completing sets, and pulling cards from packs. *For the best experience, we recommend devices be updated to iOS 11.0.0 or later. * ----- MORE INFO • Follow @ToppsDigitalOfficial on Instagram • Join on Facebook: Facebook.com/ToppsNHLSKATE • Follow @ToppsNHL on Twitter • Follow Topps Digital on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ToppsDigitalApps


  • Capable of being a part-time APP.

    By Phishedi
    Initially I thought it was fun to collect players from my favorite team. Then, I realized if you want rare cards from your favorite team, you better spend some cash. If your loaded, have fun! If not, don’t expect to get anything special. You’re more likely to get rare cards in real life than online.
  • Add features from BUNT

    By RastaCakes
    I love all of the Topps card apps and have several that I use daily. One thing that concerns me is how much more attention Bunt gets then any other app. Bunt has a prize wheel, batter up game, and card fusion for your duplicates in the play section. No other Topps app has all three of these extra game modes and it is very troubling. These extra game modes make me visit the app more consistently throughout the day to spin the prize wheel and get extra coins from batter up. They have tried to implement this in Kick and Huddle but they are a poor rendition of Bunt’s rewards. In Kick the prize wheel only gives you base cards from MLS and no special or unique inserts like Bunt. Huddle is similar in that it only offers base cards from the prize wheel, nothing special. Meanwhile Skate seems to be all but forgotten and since there is no incentive to visit the app I only open it once a day to get daily rewards, which is the only way to make coins. Like I said earlier, please make all Topps apps have a standard for gameplay instead of favoring one over the other. There are definitely very easy ways to implement the same game modes across all apps, it just needs a little creativity.
  • It’s a good game and really is the best game for nhl fans

    By dnyed77
    Good game
  • Poor customer service

    Can be fun, but don’t expect a positive customer service experience, whether you’re f2p or spend money
  • Fun but why?

    By Lo the bro
    This game is fun and all, but why do you need a Facebook account to be a user of this game? Why can’t I just use my email and password instead? That would allow more people to play, hence more money for you, the company. Otherwise good potential.
  • Bugs

    By Jschaake
    For the love of God, please fix the app so it doesn’t say “Error” and “Wrong password” (when I’m already logged in) 12 times each time I change screens! BETA TESTING! BETA TESTING!! BETA TESTING!!!
  • Great idea, Poor execution

    By Tired of Fraud
    The title says it all. It can be a fun app to play and I am fine with buying cards for play or real money, but they can’t seem to execute well, customer service needs to improve and they need to decide what they want to be. They try too hard to please both the paying customers and the FTP customers and it mostly just pisses off both. But I personally would rather buy cards and play like fantasy, not have to watch every game and constantly change my lineup every 2 seconds. For me that isn’t fun. Gold farmers and multiple accounts are making every card worthless while the lack of consistency and information destroy your chance of building a collection.
  • Fun for a little bit

    By Hasdfhgjlk
    Add card exchange...
  • No wheel

    Why isn’t there a wheel to spin?
  • Virus

    By fdjfuhfg
    I’m so disappointed in this game I didn’t let buy card and I lose my card