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The Ultimate Hawaii Travel Guide app from the makers of the #1 best-selling Hawaii Revealed travel books. One app gives you access to all four islands: OAHU, MAUI, KAUAI and the BIG ISLAND, with custom maps that work offline, so you know where you are on adventurous hiking trails or when you’re in just the right spot to enter a hidden abandoned beach. The app can help in planning your ideal Hawaiian vacation. Find Everything On:
 - VOLCANO UPDATE Whatever kind of vacation you’re looking for, whether it's a relaxing spa at one of Honolulu’s resorts or an action-packed trip featuring helicopter tours and witnessing real lava flow, it’s all available at your fingertips. All businesses included in the app are reviewed anonymously, so we’re unafraid to let you know if you’ve found a real gem or if you should stay away. We update the app daily, so you’re always armed with the most accurate information including weather updates and safety warnings. **Written by the author of the Best Selling Travel Book in the U.S: Ultimate KAUAI REVEALED, MAUI REVEALED, OAHU REVEALED, and BIG ISLAND REVEALED Guidebooks. **Recently updated with custom-made maps that replicate the ones readers love in the books. Features that make exploring paradise incredibly easy: REVIEWS - Anonymous reviews of resorts, restaurants, sights, activities, beaches and more. HIDDEN GEMS - Nearby feature to let you properly explore local gems, gorgeous waterfalls, culinary adventures, hikes off the beaten track, guided tours, and more. OFFLINE MAPS - High-quality interactive maps of the islands that work offline. FILTERS - Use filters on the app to choose which part of Hawaii you’ll reveal next: Maui, Kauai, Oahu, or Big Island. All of this information fits on your phone, so leave the travel books in your hotel room and access everything you need on-the-go.


  • Price increase?!?

    By Holly'sFab5
    This is a great app. I have the book (also great) as well as the app. That being said, what the heck? I subscribed to Maui last year and am planning a trip to different island for 2019 and the price has more than doubled. And not $2 to $5. It's 7.99 to 19.99 for a year's subscription. Ouch. Why such a large increase?
  • Rip off—Junk

    By Prisonsports
    Stay with the book. Downloaded app and got sucked in to buying the content and after 2 hours at 140 MBS it still was not downloaded Imagine that. I get a response and it’s my fault or it’s my phones fault no ownership of their faulty software
  • Wish it was more intuitive

    By lifezbutiful
    I have been a HUGE fan of the books and used them to our trips to Big Island and recent one to Maui as well. While on Maui, saw that they had an app and hoped it would help us with directions and finding places to eat wherever we were. Unfortunately, neither of these were easy. Though we had the app, we carried the book everywhere to ensure we had all the info. I wanted to love this app as much as I love the book but was very disappointed with the lack of intuitive user location based info.
  • My battery thou doth drain

    By mdw123
    My battery, my battery. The price you would’st have me pay for in-app purchase is no where the cost thou doest unto my battery. I shall deletest thine app and protest thine power usage in a review!
  • Perfect for groups!

    By Alicia Castile
    My friends and I always disagree on what we should do while on vacation, but the map let us see what was nearby so we could all choose right away and meet back soon. Everyone was happy with it!
  • Reliable app

    By Towanda Henrich
    The information is invaluable and reliable. Would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Hawaii.
  • Amazing detail

    By Mathew Sollers
    This app actually guides you around Hawaii. The books are well written and I'm so glad that's not lost on the app.
  • Stayed at the best resort

    By Bong Scriber
    Thanks to the app I was able to find a resort that my whole family loved. We had some amazing views right from our room and there was so much to do!
  • Made up rule

    By bows551
    Their apps do not allow family share. You get to put the app on two devices ... but you have to use the same Apple ID, right. Do other developers get to do this?
  • Good info. Very bad app. Map doesn’t work at all.

    By dancejay
    The old single island apps were great. This joint app is hard to use. Hard to find what you want. The map doesn’t work at all. Very disappointed.