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Get a healthy, practical and delicious weekly meal plan, so you can keep it healthy, but never boring. Features: • Reach Your Fitness Goals: Meal plans are adapted to your calories and macros. No more counting calories, we've done the hard work. • Time Saving Meal Prep: Meal prep is where you prepare your meals in one go, so you can be in and out the kitchen. With a fridge full of healthy options, it’s easy to stay on track. • For You and Your Partner: Cooking for two? With MealPrepPro you can add a partner to your breakfast, lunch, dinner or entire meal plan. • Save Money on Groceries: Only buy what you are going to use. MealPrepPro will give you a handy weekly shopping list sorted by aisle. • Nutritionist Approved: We’ve worked alongside certified nutritionists to create our plans. • Video Cooking Mode: The easiest way to cook - swipe through recipes with a handy video for each step. • Apple Health Integration: When you've finished a meal, tap Eaten to automatically log your calories and macros with Apple Health. • Filter for Allergies: Including gluten, dairy, egg, fish, peanut, tree nut, soya, sesame and flax. Plans included: • High protein • Keto • Pescatarian • Vegetarian • Plant-Based (Vegan) Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle, 80% of your results come from the kitchen. MealPrepPro takes out all the planning and guess work. You’ll get a healthy, practical meal plan that fits around a busy lifestyle. Get your meals prepped and crush your fitness goals with MealPrepPro. MealPrepPro is a collaboration between FitMenCook and Nibble Apps. Subscription: MealPrepPro comes with a 7 day free trial. This trial is only redeemable once. The subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. MealPrepPro is available as a monthly or yearly subscription. There is no increase in price when renewing. Payment will be charged through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Your subscription may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Privacy policy: Terms of use:


  • Recipes don’t calculate well, which negates the purpose of a meal planner

    By ayummykay
    In this app you can choose meals and how many days worth you want to prep them for. Unfortunately the ingredients don’t calculate well when increasing the number of days worth. I made the breakfast casserole and it wanted me to put FIVE bell peppers because I wanted to make enough for five days. That’s obviously too many, as were many of the ingredients listed. And of course the amount of hands-on time they claim it takes to make things is completely inaccurate. Also, the recipes don’t appear increase the cooking time it would take to make larger batches of food, so that is also wrong
  • The best meal prep app

    By viiiii172822
    I have been following FitMenCook for years now. I have just transitioned to a vegan lifestyle and can often find it difficult to find high protein ideas. I am also not a pro at cooking. This app is AMAZING. It provides you with a meal plan for your goals, it gives you a shopping list, it shows you how to prep step by step. Everything is so EASY. And the vegan dishes are sooooo yummy. I’m so happy to have purchased this app. He is a true inspiration!
  • I really want to love this

    By Bigslim1818
    So far my experience has been 50/50. On one hand some of the features are so amazing and so user intuitive. On the other I find myself really wanting more. Especially since I am paying nearly $55/year for it. Some of the things I would like to see addressed that would make me actually be able to recommend this to every human on earth would be - Better partner tracking. Currently it’s neat that you can add a partner (as long as they follow the same diet as you) and helps you portion for the meals you eat with them.... But. If they want to actually track their stats they need to do so on a completely separate app. Just overall better partner integration. Like my partner can’t even log onto the app on her phone. We have to run everything from mine. - better custom recipe features. Currently it is pretty basic. One of the best things about the app is the ability to have all your info for the recipe in one neat place. Also integrating ingredients to add to the awesome shopping list and also automatically scaling the ingredients per how many portions to make. It would be awesome to actually be able to put all the ingredients into the recipe and let them have the same awesome benefits as the rest. As well as being able to add a photo would be nice. Currently it doesn’t even show up in your meal prep calendar - reminders would also be a neat thing that would be easy to implement. Like if you haven’t checked off your meal by whatever time send a reminder to make sure you ate. Also maybe one to keep reminding you to drink water. And maybe even some inspirational messages or the neat little tips of the day I’m sure there is more but this is just off the top of my head. I hope the developers read this and make some of these improvements. Because if so, I would definitely be a lifetime customer as I think it has so much potential to be the best food tracking/health app in the business
  • Makes Meal Planning Easy

    By redheadfairy
    This app does all the work for you as far as calculating macros and providing nutritional information for each meal. It features a handy calendar to alert you of when to prep, which meals should be made fresh and which you are able to freeze. One improvement I would suggest... - the ability to eliminate parts of a recipe (say in the event of a food allergy) and have the nutritional info update accordingly. If you have to make substitutions, then it throws off the macros set in place for you
  • Pretty good, but could use some tweaks

    By Kiki.Maye
    I really like this app, but I feel like if you’re going to pay for it, you should have more ability to customise things. I don’t like any of the breakfasts and would prefer not to have them at all. Also, I don’t snack and I don’t like that I’m basically forced to have one to meet my caloric goals. I love the option of adding your partner, but I have dietary restrictions that he doesn’t have and again, if I’m paying for this, I’d expect to have more customisation for my partner. I’ve cancelled my subscription. Perhaps if these issues are addressed, I’ll consider re-downloading this app.
  • Pretty good but needs improvements

    By im_on_primo
    So I downloaded the app and went shopping based on the shopping list it created for the meals I was going to make for the next few days. It had it down to the amount by oz. Seemed pretty detailed so I went along with it. I got home and was ready to prepare the first meal when I see that the amount of items needed for the dish was more than what was in the list. That threw my preparation way off. The grocery list section should include the amount you’re going to need to prepare everything you’re making .
  • Great app and great results.

    By AleVerds
    I started my healthy nutrition journey by giving up soda when I was a teen. By the time I was in college I gave up sweets during the week and started to realize that what one consumes directly affects their life. In 2007, I discovered Sear’s zone and CrossFit. That worked for a while, but counting blocks became difficult. Then paleo soon followed and that just became too restricted. Recently, after reading Mark Sisson’s Keto Reset Book I was left with a lot of hope, but realized it would be difficult to take the information and apply to something like forming a shopping list and menu for the week. I’m 36, 6’1” and was 212 pounds. This app has helped me and my wife lose approximately 15 pounds each in 4 weeks. Kevin and his team have been able to help us bridge theory with application and the results fantastic. I’ve also bought urine test strips and they have shown that we are in Ketosis. I’m giving 4 stars only because there is still room for improvement. For example, menu can continue to expand, there are typos occasionally (I’m sure there are a few in this review!), there is still the occasional “use a pinch” direction and it would help to be clearer with amounts. If you are concerned about cost, the yearly subscription is relative to what you would pay for a good book, expect this one helps you lose weight. Thank you and keep up the good work.
  • Great Concept

    By lsteedly
    By far the best app for food planning with my spouse I’ve ever used over the years. After about a month worth of planning meals, I’m back to square one as there are not many recipes to keep the keto calendar full. Please add more recipes for Keto!!!
  • Way awesome app

    By Fabes6911
    I love this app. Does all the planning for me. All I have to do is cook and eat! When I first got into meal planning, the planning part was my biggest hurdle. This app makes it so easy for me with a huge selection of dishes to choose from. One suggestion I have: I use an app to order my groceries to be delivered to me. It would be nice to have a way to export my grocery list on this app so I can put it on my grocery app if possible! Currently I have to bounce back between the two. It’s not a problem or anything. Just could be more streamlined and efficient! Nevertheless thank you for a wonderful app!
  • Predatory App

    By Flames 5123
    The 7 day free trial is required. This is insane. Why? Just don’t let me have it. I know it’s “free” but I’m not supporting a company that preys on people like this.