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By Good Job Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-09-19
  • Current Version: 2.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 145.11 MB
  • Developer: Good Job Games
Score: 4.5
From 177,945 Ratings

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Slices for PC Description

Slices is a super addictive puzzle game that will get you hooked! Tap in one of the outer circles to place the current slice. Complete a circle to blow it up along with adjacent circles. Complete levels to play with new slices! Have fun ;-) Key Features - Fun and easy to learn gameplay - Amazing graphics and soundtrack


  • Too many ads

    By Ragodwin
    Way too many ads
  • Meaningless

    By heywould you jablomee
    You can beat a level as soon as you watch enough add’s.
  • Finished?

    By lilgr3ta
    I’ll say upfront that I paid for the non-ad version because I liked the game, so ads aren’t an issue for me. I’ve apparently ‘beat the game’ though, as it will no longer let me progress levels, it just says level 29 to 30 every time (though I passed 29 months ago). I’m not sure when it stopped counting up and reset to ‘29’ though the pictures do keep changing (are new). On the squares, there is no count-up as I am placing pieces, nor a level indicator anymore, so I don’t even know what level I got to, there either. There were a lot fewer square levels than circle. The daily challenge apparently stops at 101. I wish there was a way to choose to play old levels or daily levels again (themes that you liked). It was nice to play, but even with the changing picture on the circles, it isn’t fun to be ‘stuck’ on level 29, knowing I’ve played WAY more than that. I’ll either try to start it over or just delete.
  • Impossible

    By Sierrabear1998
    Even if there weren't A LOT OF ADS, more than any game I’ve ever played, this game would still get 1 star. It has the potential to be a really good game but sometimes it will give you 7 of the same pieces in a row making it literally impossible to win, no matter how good of a strategist you are.
  • Way too many ads

    By Kia has a problem!!!
    I LOVE the game but can’t stand all the ads for other games. They are ridiculously long ads that make you want to quit playing the game all together!
  • Trash

    By ColinGilbert8
    Worst game I’ve ever played in my life. The game gives you impossible levels and whenever you lose you have to watch an ad whenever it’s not even your fault for losing. Would not recommend.
  • Too many ads!

    By Joland7000
    Great game but WAY too many ads! After every level, between levels. Would be the best game ever if there were half the ads.
  • 30 seconds of play, 30 seconds of ads

    By shdjdiir
    I’ve never deleted a game faster than this one.
  • Potentially a great game

    By Lil.missy6
    I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks because I find the completion of a “pie” puzzle so satisfying. No matter how frustrating it can be to sit thru mandatory 30 second ads, I find myself wanting to figure out how to play better. Many times the amount and length of repeating ads is just too overwhelming and I just quit. Why do this to us when you have a good game? I can see this getting old very quickly. Please stop putting so many ads in or remove time constraint.
  • Love to hate

    By Ms.MommyB4
    Love the concept but hate the execution of this game. Game is lagging after I have played a bit. Also, I agree there are too many ads and the pieces could work meaning the number of times you get the same piece. This game would be