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By David Gagne

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2017-12-30
  • Current Version: 1.41
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 39.46 MB
  • Developer: David Gagne
Score: 4.5
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- Easily discover drinks you can make with the ingredients you have at home! - Search and browse hundreds of cocktail recipes, with more added every day. - Star your favorite drinks for quick access. - Send recipes to friends or post to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. - Learn the history of how a drink was created. - Discover new cocktails based on your choices.


  • Possible update

    By Skinny almost
    I like that I’m able to input all my bar items and the app will show me possible drink recipes. An additional feature I’d like to be able to do is from that list, I’d like to sort all my recipes by my different spirit. Like, I’m in the mood for a drink with bourbon, what’s my possible recipes with bourbon. Just a thought.
  • Don’t waste your money.

    By Dumbphoneuser
    I have a small home bar with only a handful of ingredients. This app doesn’t even have half of them in its inventory, and it doesn’t allow me to add them. I’m sorry that I wasted my money on this.
  • Best Bartender App I have used

    By swdudley
    Much better than a handful of other apps I have tried. I like the short list of items in the My Bar section vs having named brand items listed - keeps the list much shorter. The only nice to have would be the ability to create a grocery list based on the items listed in the My Bar section.
  • Good but not good enough

    By Len B
    I have been searching for a good mixologist app since my last one began to get buggy and wasn’t being updated. I’ve tried a lot and frankly this one seems really nice. EXCEPT on adding drinks. While it has a great collection it doesn’t have them all and I have some favorites I’d like to add. Can’t do that. Why?! One can submit a pic on Twitter in hopes they will contact you. Two problems with that: I don’t want my Twitter feed to show pics of drinks! And second they may not include it still. I want my app to have drinks I’ve discovered over the years whether they want to include or not. And if I want to share a drink with the rest of the world, give me a private way to submit. Otherwise this is a nicely designed and useful app. I really like the generic drink categories for my bar instead of brands. So fix the personalization issue and it will be 5 stars.
  • Good, but needs some work

    By **Joe**
    I love the concept of letting the app tell you which drinks you can build based on what’s in your bar, but the ingredients and recipes are not as comprehensive as one might hope... spiced rum, anyone? Also, while the icon is fine, I’d love an icon which fits in better with the iOS design motif, like those for Lush or Highball.
  • Great app!

    It is extremely helpful when mixing drinks. I wish I could search recipes based on the liquor.
  • Old iPad

    By aohorn
    Do you have this app for under old version iPad under iOS 10.0?
  • Need a Quality Control Feature

    By Coasteiry
    I’ve found a number of recipes that are missing key ingredients. There needs to be a feature to submit feedback on recipes to have them updated. For example, your Colorado Bulldog recipe makes no mention of cream; however the picture is correct and has cream. It would be better to have a feedback feature rather than have to constantly update reviews to reflect errors.
  • Informative

    By krash67
    Great app for preparing drinks. Love this app.
  • Actually a decent app

    By Footballer4lifer123
    So, I've finally been able to checkout the features of this app, and it's actually really good. I love the fact that you can add drinks you the individual made. That being said there are somethings that need to be improved upon for instance since there are recipes that call for a particular product they liquor cabinet for what someone has needs to expanded to different brands of Gins, Vodkas, Brands, rums, and Tequilas as well as liqueurs. Since many of the drinks'll call for a specific spirit. This would help give someone an even more in depth idea on what they can make. Now while the app allows people to add recipes they created there are some on there to be desired, but I have to say the one that annoys me the most is the huffington posts recipe for the "classic" Martini theirs is the modern Martini. The classic martini does NOT refer to the amount of Vermouth you use in the martini so if someone asks for a dry Martini it's supposed to refer to the type of Vermouth used NOT the amount. (This lad bit is more of a rant but it needs to be said)