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By Adam Feragne

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2018-03-20
  • Current Version: 4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 94.34 MB
  • Developer: Adam Feragne
Score: 4.5
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Wheel for Fortnite - Drop In for PC Description

The Ultimate Companion for Every Fortnite Player! * Used by over 400,000 Fortnite Players! * IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS & ADD EXCITEMENT - Using the Drop Location and Challenge Randomizers! Makes gaming sessions more enjoyable! LIVE ITEM SHOP - Always know what's in the Item Shop! Free opt-In notifications for when new skins arrive! STAT TRACKER & RANKING SYSTEM - Track your stats and ranking! Tap to quickly share your Stats, Rank, and Flame Color with friends! CHALLENGE TRACKER - Track your weekly challenges to help keep track and complete them faster! HD MAPS, NEWS, & ANALYSIS - Pinch and Zoom HD Maps, showing Chest, Rift, Vehicle and Llama locations! Live News and Analysis! WEAPON ANALYSIS - Learn every weapons strengths and weaknesses. Compare them to help craft your favorite loadout! *********** PERFECT FOR ALL GAME MODES - Solo, Duo, Squad and other LTM Modes! AMAZING FOR YOUTUBE CONTENT AND STREAMERS - Add excitement to your streams or YouTube content. (Many streamers have had great results) MAKE FORTNITE MORE ENJOYABLE -The Randomizers are the perfect twist to make Fortnite more exciting! They also help to prevent getting "burnt out" during long game sessions. ****** All Features Including Pro - *Drop Location Randomizer (Touch Sensitive) *Challenge Randomizer (Touch Sensitive) *Live Item Shop! *Player Stats Tracker! *Player Rankings *Tap to Share Stats and Rankings* *Weapon Details *HD Season Map (Pinch & Zoom + Rifts and Vehicle Locations) *HD Chest Map (Pinch & Zoom)! *Weekly Challenge Tracker! *Worldwide Leaderboard* *Loot Llama Hot Spot Map *Locational Analysis Button. (For Quick in game reference) *The 3 Step Process* 1). Spin the Wheel when you or your squad enters the Battlebus. 2). Wherever the The Drop-In wheel lands is now your new target drop location. 3). Complete the challenge and Go for the win! Why Should I Spin the Drop In Wheel? -Drop In Wheel was created for every player, regardless of their skill level. -It adds spontaneity to the drop-in decision making process which can grow tedious game after game. -The Drop In Wheel is also an educational tool that can help improve your overall game-play. -Every Fortnite game ends at a different location on the map. Therefore, knowing the entire map in detail, is a critical aspect to winning and improving your game-play. -Instead of dropping into the same few spots game after game,the wheel allows players to quickly and naturally learn the entire Fortnite map. The new gold challenge bar, chest and hot spots map, location analysis, Stats, Secret shop and Challenge Tracker are all part of the In-App purchase package $1.99. However can be accessed for free via Reward Videos. This is to help support future updates. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Message From The Creator* I created Drop-In because my friends and I found ourselves going to the same spots over and over again. But when someone said, "Alright where are we dropping?" No one wanted to call a place out. Then, once someone finally called out a place, it would always be one of the same four locations. Drop-In has definitely extended our gaming sessions by just making each drop less repetitive. We've found ourselves getting less "burnt-out" during long squad sessions. Good luck and happy gaming! -Adam Disclaimer *This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Fortnite, Epic Games, or any of his partners. All credit goes to the Fortnite Developers and Designers. All in game descriptions, locations, and imagery are copyright to their respective Owners. Usage for this educational guide falls within fair use guidelines.


  • Really cool!

    By Dark Blade 9990
    I play Fortnite and sometimes it gets kind of boring. Doing some of the challenges makes the game feel more fun and yeah, challenging. I also like the fact I can see the item shop on the go!
  • Helpful if you are away from your platform

    By iveriscool
    This is a pretty good app. Sometimes when I am away from home I can check the item shop which can be useful. There is only one flaw I see in this app... you can only look up two peoples stats per day. Also, it is kind of confusing because once you go to your stats or something idk how to get back to the Fortnite wheel of fortune.
  • Awesome

    By Christiancjcjcjcjcj
    Helps mix up where I drop
  • Fun but..

    By pewderekt
    I like this it tells me where to drop but I don’t really think 1.99 for all the challenges is worth it? Could you maybe make that .99 cents or just unlock it for everyone?
  • For vids

    By Adds meeh
    If you are a YOUTUBER this is the best thing in the world my name is Nick I do youtube love the app
  • This app is amazing!!!!

    By @nic.clutch on InstaGram
    Whether you’re looking for an easy way to see where to land, checking out the item shop, or even checking out a friends stats; this is the app for it. The app does so much and is SO easy to use/navigate. I honestly don’t know how this app is free to use.
  • Weekly

    By elibauschka
    I love the weekly challenge maps really helpful and my Instagram is @elibauschka

    By Prhoton
    I love this app so much, use it for like every single game I play!!!! And I love how they listen to fans options!!! It’s just all around a great app!!!!!!
  • Great app

    By Jayden Andrew
    This app is very good if you have a bad bus line or challenges to it the best Fortnite app I’ve used in a long time.
  • Great app-your friend muddy Gaming

    By obsidian wall
    This is a great app but it doesn’t tell you your fortnite stats properly -muddy Gaming