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By JW North Atlantic Limited

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In theory, card counting is very easy -- it's just basic arithmetic right? But in practice, as most find out very quickly, this is not the case, even "basic arithmetic" can become quite complicated in a fast-paced casino setting. Every mistake you make at the table will have a deleterious impact on your performance, and thus your bottom line. Trust us, it's very easy to make a simple a mistake, and these errors add up really quickly! Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you master card counting BEFORE heading to the casino; and there's no place better to start than here with us. Pro Card Counting Simulator allows is perfect for EVERYONE, whether it be seasoned professionals to fresh beginners -- just adjust the difficulty to suit your skills and experience. In addition, we offer training on the five most popular counting methods: Hi-Lo, Silver-Fox, Uston APC, and Advanced Omega II. Become the best blackjack player at the table today! Please note that this product is not meant to be used as a gambling aid, but is rather for educational and entertainment purposes only. We remind you to abide by the laws of your jurisdiction. Visit us: Email us: [email protected]