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By 9215425 Canada Inc.

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Instant prayer support. In surround sound. Prayer is powerful when people agree in faith. But agreement is pretty difficult without knowing what the pray-er is praying. PrayerMail makes it super easy to share audio prayer requests and responses in order for groups and ministries to agree together in prayer. Share prayer requests with your small group members and receive meaningful prayer support. Listen to and agree with their prayers as they come in or set a playlist on loop. Ministries can push out requests to members who are notified immediately. Members send back their audio prayer responses, which can be made into a playlist or an audio prayer collage. Ministries can create an inbox where congregants can send their requests through the app, by email or phone. The queue of prayer requests is then tag-teamed by ministry leaders. Once a leader prays for a request, it drops out of the queue. With PrayerMail's rapid pray feature, prayer warriors and intercessors can set PrayerMail to cycle through a list of requests, play each request, record their prayer response and send out each prayer - all automatically, without pressing a button. It's like a playlist for rapidly sending audio prayers.