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【Product introduction】 Bottled Water Wholesale - Bottled Water Pure Water Mineral Water Drinking Water Online Sales Mall is a water shop baby, is the gospel of the business, the brand is complete, let you save valuable time with the major manufacturers to discuss cooperation, save time and effort, all Water factory direct supply, no total distribution, no middlemen and agents, let you get the first-hand price that is cheaper than the total distribution, and free water distribution, limited time one day, cool about paying. The bottled water wholesale platform is from Shenzhen Cool Enjoy Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a simple, convenient and easy-to-operate mobile wholesale water platform developed by water shop merchants, units and company customers. The main functions include shopping mall, wholesale water purchase, bucket service, daily vouchers, water ticket recharge, charity, city merchants, online rush, daily check-in, and point redemption. [Bottled Water Wholesale APP] 1. Quality Assurance: Mainly engaged in the bottled water of the first-line brands such as Nongfu Spring, Yibao, Wahaha, Jingtian and Watson. 2, wholesale water purchase: platform wholesale Nongfu Spring, Yibao, Jingtian, Wahaha and other brands of bottled water, the price is sold at a wholesale price as low as 7 yuan. 3, professional water supply: the platform provides more efficient bottled water delivery, water distribution services, you can order water on the platform, choose the bottled water brand after the order, we will start a key to send water, unified fleet to arrange delivery . 4, water ticket recharge: more than a lot of discounts, water tickets can buy Nongfu Spring, Yibao, Wahaha, Jingtian, Watsons and other brands of bottled water, bottled water and beverages. 5, points redemption: sign in to send points, buy water to send points, points can be exchanged for rich gifts, points can be used as cash deduction, with points can buy Nongfu Spring, Yibao, Wahaha, Jingtian, Watsons and other brands of barrels Drinks such as water and bottled water. 【Features】 1, the best promotion: handheld spike, mobile phone exclusive, limited time to buy, coupons, happy spell group, etc., a lot of concessions. 2, life assistant: home supermarket, water supply to home, water ticket recharge, leisure and entertainment, hotel restaurants, etc., everything. [Water plant settled, merchants settled in] 1. Bottled water merchants all over the country join in the hot investment, no need to join the fee and do not use the resident fee, as long as you do a good job, strictly control the quality of the goods. You are welcome to settle in and put on the product. 2, the water station water plant settled in courtesy, where the merchants stationed in this platform sells over 1000 barrels of water, each merchant can receive one free Jingdong shopping coupon, worth 800 yuan, for details, please contact customer service staff. 【contact us】 We always put the user experience and product control in the first place. If you like the bottled water wholesale platform APP, please give us a 5 star praise, hot summer, we will continue to work hard to provide you with better service. If you have any problems, please contact us and feedback, and you are welcome to provide valuable suggestions for improvement. We will promptly follow up and resolve the problem. If you would like to contact us in a variety of ways, you can communicate with us through the following contact methods, thank you! Fan welfare QQ group: 707029395 E-mail: [email protected] Service Hotline: 400-883-3065 Official website: www.cooenjoy.com