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Keeping up with friends is faster than ever. • See what friends are up to • Share updates, photos and video • Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts • Watch and interact with live video • Play games and use your favorite apps • Buy and sell locally on Facebook Marketplace New! Become a Supporter You can now support favorite Pages by purchasing monthly subscriptions. You get benefits for supporters only such as a digital badge, shopping discounts and exclusive content including, for example, videos, live broadcasts, updates and polls. The subscription is charged to your iTunes account and continues monthly unless canceled in iTunes settings at least 24 hours before your renewal date. Becoming a supporter means you agree to the Page Supporters Terms (https://www.facebook.com/FBPageSupporters/terms) and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms). Read our Data Use Policy, Terms and other important info in the legal section of our App Store description. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Facebook doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require this.


  • Notifications bug

    By debi1013
    UPDATE - 7/5/17 Notification bug NOT fixed! Deleted and reinstalled app. Now it crashes!!! ☹️ 12/10/16 - Since the update the notifications are not working most of the time. I need to close and reopen app over and over. Please fix this bug... it's bugging me. 😳 UPDATE- 4/18/17 Bug still NOT fixed! !!! 12/8/17 Bug still not fixed. Notifications don’t load. And since today’s update, the app has crashed 5 Times watching short videos. 😐 10/14/17 STILL NOT FIXED! I can click on a notification to see what post or pic someone commented on for a few notices but then no others work. Still have to exit app and reopen it to read a few more, then repeat again! I uninstalled the app and reinstalled. Nope! THIS BUG IS BUGGING ME!!! 😠 12/8/18 Since the latest update there’s an issue with making a post. The words don’t space, or backspace and deletes last letter. It is seriously frustrating.
  • facebook marketing

    By Cenathegameup123
    you lost a user because my facebook marketing app icon has disappeared thanks to the new update
  • Hackers.

    By gioface
    Facebook attracts hackers in full force. I get hacked every couple of months, now more often. Blocking friends, deleting images from thumbnails their favorites. TAP TO UNMUTE on all YouTube videos on ALL IPHONES covering the EXPAND BUTTON. Where is security? Am I writing to God? No answers ever, this is what I call service. Count your money, greed. Don’t make it a better place, just buy the competition. Absolutely wrong approach.
  • Starting to not like!

    By 770 962 490
    Did the update and the app crashes, won't even open! Crap!
  • Still can’t do the one basic thing

    By PKM
    How hard is for the timeline to work like a timeline and not an episode of Doctor Who? This basic principle doesn’t seem to be grasped by the developers, I do not want to go from one post 10 minutes ago than the next is from something from one day to a week ago. I want to go in a chronological order, or at least give me the option to, and before someone says it does have a recent, it lacks the function to do so and works the same as the main timeline. And one other thing, if a friend commented on a post that was started a week ago, unless I’m actively following the post, it shouldn’t be the first thing I see.
  • Fascist book is what this should be called!

    By 1KduB
    Run by gun haters a homo lovers! Says it all!
  • Too many bugs.

    By sotheclan123
    I only get one story load half of the time I start the app. Frustrating, it happens too often
  • Terrible update

    By TeacherCreature, MO
    Feed not loading- sometimes only one post showing at a time. Refreshing doesn’t make a difference. My own posts are not being seen and half the time an ‘error message shows saying ‘we are working on it’ - WTH? What have you done?! This is worse than before I updated.
  • Please fix!!! ASAP

    By Men2004
    You are updating weekly!! Ok I want to see most recent stuff!! Not things that are days old when u hit most recent!! There are so many bugs, please put effort into fixing the errors the app has asap!!
  • Most buggy version I have encountered.

    By Luetgers
    This latest version is the most buggy version I’ve seen. Newsfeed will not refresh about 40% of the time. And when it does only shows about four posts. Facebook fix this now!!