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BirdsEye is a unique and powerful tool that helps you discover the birds around you and find the birds you want to see. See more birds with BirdsEye! BirdsEye is the perfect tool for birders of any level, naturalists and educators. The free version of BirdsEye also includes stunning and detailed photographs from many top birders, bird photographers and guides. "Best invention for birding since binoculars"... Kenn Kaufman, author of the famed Kaufman Field Guides to Birds of North America "A landmark in birding"… John Fitzpatrick, Director, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology BirdsEye is great for beginning and intermediate birders as a free download. Explore the 100 most common birds near you (or for any spot on earth), and learn about the birds you are most likely to see in your yard or the local park. When you are ready to see more, paid subscriptions give you access to every countable species in your region or worldwide. Features: INSTANT BIRD LISTS • See customized lists of birds reported recently near you, at birding hotspots, or any random point on earth! • Sea seasonal abundance for each bird for that location • View recent eBird sightings and get driving directions to each one INCREASE YOUR LIFE LIST • See a list of “needs” - species recently reported nearby that aren't on your selected life or year list • Reports of rare and notable birds in your area and across the ABA region • Automatically sync your life or year lists with eBird for the ABA area, world, country, state or even county! TRIP PLANNING • Find additional content in the Bird Guide Store for other continents, including sounds, images and bird-finding tips from local experts. • Set Favorite Locations for your destinations to scope out recent sightings • Get driving directions right to any hotspot or sighting • Support for bird names in several languages STORE We have partnered with, the premier online store selling bird sounds packages for many regions around the world. Access these extensive collections of bird songs from right inside of BirdsEye. Currently available sound packages include: Bird Sounds of Costa Rica, Brazil, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Mexico, Northern Siberia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Peru, Colombia, Belgium and Holland, and Malaysia! Most BirdsEye functionality is available to all of our users. Certain premium features require a regional or world membership to unlock their full potential. Premium features include: • More checklists for species on the Rare Bird Alert • Rare Bird Alert - see the latest reported ABA rarities and eBird checklist • Search for Notables up to 250 miles from current location • Unlimited Favorite Locations • View Bird List for any month of the year • Downloading content for offline use A NOTE ON MEMBERSHIPS: In addition to regional memberships, we offer a World membership that gives you access to all of the birds on earth and several other features. Your membership helps pay for our ongoing efforts to create the most innovative and powerful birding apps in the world. We do not and have never earned a profit on the sale of this app, but do it to support the birding community. Memberships, donations and the contributions of photos help us keep making BirdsEye better. To get your membership, just launch BirdsEye and go to the Store. You'll see a membership option. The first monthly payment will be charged to your iTunes Account when you confirm your purchase. Your BIRDSEYE memberships and subscriptions renew each month and your iTunes account will be charged automatically. You can turn off auto-renew at any point from your iTunes account settings. See for more information. We are committed to supporting the birding community and bird conservation through the eBird project. Our goal is to encourage participation through BirdsEye.


  • Great app for travelers

    By JGG414
    When visiting a new place, even just for one night, I use this app. I have found all sorts of new places to bird; even when I only have an hour.
  • birds eye

    By kkate170
    I travel and this app is a great reference for birds in the area. easy to use and many times comes up in poor reception areas. Let’s me know what birds to spend time looking for
  • Birdseye

    By dww2942
    Very good with some limitations You can’t set a location- only uses your current one When looking up an individual bird there seems to be no way to look at individual EBird reports of the latest sightings
  • As good as it can be!

    By Chjsbny
    The app is informative and easy to use to locate likely birding spots and sometimes particular rarities. Finding unusual birds is best done through some medium with faster response - Birdseye data tend to lag several days relative to the initial siting and some rarities never make onto the app at all because folks choose not to share them.
  • Indispensable App

    By MortMassey
    I am working to see 100 birds in every county in Tennessee. Wouldn’t have tried this without this app. I use it constantly when birding which is usually 5 days a week. Would love to have the nearby birds have a filter to only show birds that are in a designated county.
  • Birds Eye Review

    By blacksnake6
    I use Birds Eye a great deal and find it very helpful. I will continue to use it. What really ticks me off is when it quits working and I have to delete the program, restart my device and go through all of the password crap to get it to sync with eBird. This has been going on for years. Why can’t you fix it?
  • One flaw

    By drpj
    I’d easily give this app a five but it has one annoying flaw. Sometimes when I switch to the searc scr
  • Helps id-ty-crashes repeatedly and hard nav

    By Atomicron
    Ty for developing app to help Id and list birds seen in Peru. Workflow from id to listing on ebird within app is non-intuitive, repetitive and a long process. Could you please improve this UX? Contact me if you want to observe my UX and issues. Also, when does my list data synchronize to ebird lifelist? I added birds to my ebird list within this app, but they did not appear when I logged into my ebird lifelist. Thank you for this resource and help.
  • Excellent

    By Maladetto
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
  • Bad UI

    By Alden Guy
    I’m a subscriber and yet I’m constantly asked to RE-download the library of bird calls, etc. sometimes with no success. Needs refinement.