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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Crestron Mobile has been replaced by Crestron App, which provides exciting new features and Crestron’s latest interface technology. Although Crestron Mobile will be left available for download, it will no longer be actively updated and is intended to support legacy systems only. If your Crestron system currently requires this Crestron Mobile app, please consult your dealer about upgrading your system to be compatible with our latest Crestron App. Read more about Crestron App here: Crestron is the leader in home automation, controlling lights, shades, thermostats, entertainment and security. Control is always at your fingertips using Crestron touchpanels, remotes and Web-enabled devices such as iPhone™. Crestron Mobile harnesses the power of 3G and Edge networks to stay connected to the home or office when you’re on the go. View alarm status, adjust lights and room temperature while lying on the beach or sitting in traffic. Crestron Mobile is compatible with the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod® touch, and iPad. Crestron Mobile Pro provides even greater power and flexibility to control your whole house, including pre-set audio and lighting scenes, home entertainment and more. Crestron Mobile Pro provides the most powerful and complete app for whole house control. Crestron, the leader in home automation controls all home entertainment, lights, shades, thermostats, security and pool while at home and away from touchpanels, remotes and iPhones (original, 3G and iPod® touch). Simply touch the phone to select movies, music and TV in any room. Adjust volume, light levels and room temperature with just one touch. Using the home WiFi network locally or the powerful 3G and Edge networks remotely, total control is always at your fingertips from one simple app. Just getting started? Try Crestron Mobile free to experience the power and reliability of Crestron home control.


  • app update

    By bballman98
    I did the app update last month & now I can’t connect to my home system!!

    By RodrigoR
    Guys, really? This is an app that control everything in your clients’ home. Up update the app and don’t test it!?!? I’m stuck ALSO in the terms and conditions. Lock at HOME SCREEN!! Seriously absurd!!!
  • Updated - now stuck in terms and conditions/privacy policy page

    By Jkgaw
    I have checked the boxes to accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy. The “accept” button is not working. My app will now not go to my user screen. It controls my TV’s, Heat, lights, etc. Come on Crestron this is not a cheap system. Help!
  • Broken App

    By Cindy.Devi
    Don't bother with Crestron. Very expensive and never works. No support.
  • Are you f$$$$ kidding me Crestron. Garbage

    By Richmanagain
    BEWARE.!!!!!!!!!!! Do not update !!!!! Garbage I updated and I now cannot get pass the Open POS disclaimer. BS Crestron
  • Broken

    By mliotta
    Those terms and conditions must be serious since they have completely broke the app.
  • No longer works

    By Dormie1360
    Did anyone bother to test the last update before it went out??
  • Terrible System

    By Tatehr
    Can’t get passed the accept conditions page! Had trouble from the start with this POS system.....Wish I could do it all over again, would NEVER use Crestron!!
  • Completely broken now too

    By Killstreak22
    I am having the same problem
  • Dave

    By dzlexus
    You have totally killed this. Why? Fix it ASAP