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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Crestron Mobile has been replaced by Crestron App, which provides exciting new features and Crestron’s latest interface technology. Although Crestron Mobile will be left available for download, it will no longer be actively updated and is intended to support legacy systems only. If your Crestron system currently requires this Crestron Mobile app, please consult your dealer about upgrading your system to be compatible with our latest Crestron App. Read more about Crestron App here: Crestron is the leader of home automation, controlling entertainment and environmental systems from touchpanels, keypads, remotes and Web-enabled devices such as an iPhone and iPad. Mobile Pro G uses 3G or Wi-Fi communication to keep you connected in the home, office and on the go. View room and device status; select movies and music; adjust volume, climate, lighting and security. (Required control module must be uploaded to Crestron control system by authorized dealer) Use the GUI provided or customize your own. Crestron Mobile Pro G talks directly to the home control system without third-party software or external servers.


  • Useless

    By Macan2345
    This is the fourth review, my other three having been removed by crestron. Instead of fixing the problems, they provide a useless and dysfunctional update to remove the reviews so as to have others fall victim to an app which is hopelessly bad. Considering the cost of the app and associated hardware, one would have thought that someone with a conscience at Crestron would fix the problems. Needless to say, nothing. The app now freezes at terms and conditions so it simply does not work. Let's see how long it will take them to delete this review instead of fixing the problem.
  • Not working

    By Karen Higginbotham
    Can’t get past the terms of agreement, had same problem on iPhone !! For those of us that have a smart house & use Crestron app to control its very annoying.
  • Not working now.

    By Waccou
    Does not readily get past he “Accept terms” force screen. Come on guys make it a bit easier, Especially for an app you charge $$$99 for. Addendum - persistently tapped on the agreement terms boxes and I was eventually able to get the boxes to check. Not sure why this is so difficult.
  • Terms of service update

    App will not allow me to accept terms of service and is currently unusable. Please advise.
  • Your monopoly is coming to an end

    By Cimmerian2
    But your incompetence and indifference is hastening it. New app updates freezes on first screen. Nice work.
  • Wrong version

    By Jmtrc
    Make sure your AV integrator knows what he's talking about before downloading. This clown told me l needed to purchase Crestron Mobile Pro G from the App Store for about $100. After purchasing and installing he tells me "Oh, you downloaded the wrong one." Now he says I was supposed to download Crestron For iPad, free to install, but with an in-app purchase for the license to control the Crestron system.
  • Needs update

    By Duff.K
    iOS 10 says this won't work in next release; needs 64-bit version? Also, crashes if VoiceOver is on.
  • Great but obsolete

    By NJackman
    Buy the Crestron for iPad app instead. That will get you the current smart graphics standard and allow for more modern interface designs. This program is not meant for end users to program. It is in place of buying a panel that costs upwards of a thousand dollars. For those who bought this and are complaining about the programmers I have two suggestions. One, find a certified programmer. Two, understand that the AV system is only as good as the hardware. If you buy consumer grade equipment discreet control is all but impossible. Look for devices with com ports on the back. Another option is buy a Crestron digital media switcher and make use of the CEC functions built into the hdmi 1.3 standard.
  • Crazy expensive and hard to use

    By MCRICO Flyer
    You pay $99 for it then have to pay a Crestron programmer to do anything and everything with the app. Want to put it on another iPad? Pay a programmer. Want to add any components to control? Pay a programmer. Something stops working (quite often)? Pay a programmer. They update it about once a year, and it's buggy, crashes, and just doesn't work about 25% of the time. Great for the Crestron authorized dealers and programmers; bad for the user consumer.
  • Crapy

    By sy.marie.helene
    This crestron thing is slow, crashes often and requires a programer for any change in the way devices are controlled. Since the programmers I found are lowsy this gives me a crapy, unreliable, slow, expensive system