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Fax Burner - Free iOS Fax Machine (Fax sending and receiving.) Fax Burner turns your iPhone/iPad/iPod into a fax machine. The only app available where you can get started completely FREE. Every time you need to receive a fax just push one button and we'll give you a toll-free fax number that you can use for up to 24 hours. Once you receive a fax, we notify you, store the fax on your phone, and forward a copy to your email inbox. Note: We only offer US (United States) phone numbers. You can easily sign documents, complete forms, and fax them back out without ever printing. Complete integration with Dropbox and your inbox for inbound and outbound faxing. Need to send a quick fax? Type a quick cover sheet note and then use the camera or photo library to attach images of the documents you need to send. The free version of the application may not be available forever, so download your copy today! There are no hidden fees for this application but you are limited to receiving 25 fax pages per month and sending 5 total pages with the free version. MORE FEATURES: - Completely easy to use. Can be setup and running in 2 minutes. - Each fax received is stored as a PDF that you can email wherever you want. - Sign and complete forms electronically. - Integration with your inbox and dropbox. - Saves paper and the environment. - Best user experience of any app. - Special fax alert tone notifies you instantly of your new fax. - Backed by an 10 year old company that keeps your faxes safe and secure.


  • Excellent

    By jax10112
    For someone who does not have a computer and or fax printer this is a good quality app
  • Doesn’t work

    By Glenna M
    Registered, got the temporary number, I received the “welcome” fax upselling the service, yet the fax I needed from my child’s doctor didn’t go through after multiple tries and after verifying the number was correct. Faxing is used for things that need to be faster than mailing, so having to wait to get response from costumer service is impractical for issues that need to be handled quickly. I regret sharing my information with the app.
  • Concerned about instant contact access

    By inthesand
    I decided to try this app. I found it well-designed and easy to use. However I was surprised that it had access to my contacts when I had never granted that. Furthermore I went into my contacts and did not see "fax burner" as a listed app. So I don't know how this was done but it's a security concern in my mind. This app was installed is on a iPad "5" running iOS 12.3, not jailbroken or anything like that. Pretty vanilla. When I deleted my account, because I misunderstood the terms of the free service, I did receive a message saying that all of my faxes, contacts and other information would be deleted, so I appreciated that.
  • Great Service

    By besho81
    Thank you!
  • Very Easy to use, but just 1 wish

    By TechiShell
    I love your app. I want to buy the annual Subscription, however there isn’t upload support for Google Drive. My business domain is ran from there and it would be SUPER useful to have the ability to upload my faxes from Drive. I won’t use drop box when I have a ton of storage with my GSuite. Please please please add Drive support and I’ll buy the year subscription 😁
  • Perfect for Millennial such as myself

    By CourtnyLB15
    So about two weeks ago I was told I needed to fax documents to my life insurance company and i was clueless on 1.) how to do that and 2.) where to do that. After some online research about where to go to fax things and companies that can fax from pictures i found a website that suggested this app. This out of all options was free as i only needed to send 3 docs. Not only was doing this completely painless, it was free and super easy. They even send a fax confirmation to your email. Everything i had been putting off for weeks, done in 5 mins.
  • Fax

    By Uyjjlllllll
    This app works for me . It’s takes about two minutes, but it work. I have a iPhone
  • Fraud

    By theyarenogood
    This is a fraudulent app. and should face charges. They are very deceptive. They do everything to prevent you from contacting them. I know there are plenty of others feel this way. We need to combine our efforts to have faxburner held accountable for their fraudulent actions.
  • Very Poor

    By inHisgrip597
    I faxed important documents for a short term disability claim. I received the email stating that it went thru correctly. The receiving agency NEVER received the documents. I will fax the old fashioned way from now on. At least I know that will work
  • Confusion overload

    By KSoenyun
    I had a fax emergency and quickly downloaded this app. I suppose it was awesome because it took care of the urgency of that moment to send and receive documents. It was within the free range however in my time sensitive haste I accidentally hit the 79.99 by accident. It did not confirm my selection it immediately was Apple approved payment sent. Ok afterwards I emailed the company explaining my error and asked them to please refund. If I recall the response time wasn’t timely. But generally this isn’t a big deal at least any questionable charges I have had easily fixed. Well they the Fax people were very sweet and said I had to contact Apple. I haven’t any idea why but Apple never responded to my many emails to different departments or however it works. Trust me it was far more confusing then anything I have done via Apple and the intricate roadmap of iPhone apps and Apple Pay. So I decided maybe I would see if I could use one of the apps this developer also has. Scanning and minimizing paperwork. I’m all about that. Problem is I cannot log in or create an account I keep getting error messages. Have been looking for email or customer service for help but I keep getting options of social media. This is my last attempt at trying to get something from the 80$ I accidentally spent last September 2018. So if y’all from Fax Burner read this I would really like to talk to you about these products and integrating with my printer if at all possible. I’m in my later 50s and the tech age is way too fast for a girl who could type 60 WPM on a manual typewriter after 1 semester of typing class in the 10th grade. I learned to do accounting with my mom for our family business using an adding machine. We used long division which shows your work not a calculator that needs tutorials on YouTube to understand how to use it. Thank you to any who can help. Signed, Technologically Challenged Kimberly In Oregon.