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  • Category: News
  • Release Date: 2011-05-31
  • Current Version: 2.3.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 110.47 MB
  • Developer: Hearst Newspapers
Score: 3.5
From 6,114 Ratings

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Get the smart news writing, award-winning photos and columnists, second-to-none Bay Area news coverage that you expect from the San Francisco Chronicle. San Francisco Chronicle features: • Features from The Chronicle’s team of trusted experts and columnists • Local news from San Francisco and the Bay Area, including updates throughout the day • The daily funnies in a Comics section updated every day • Dazzling photo galleries Subscribing to the San Francisco Chronicle • Downloading the app is free. New users can receive free content on the app for 14 days. • If you would like to subscribe, you can select monthly ($5.99) subscription. When purchasing through iTunes, your account will be charged at confirmation of purchase. Any unused portion of your free period will be forfeited at time of purchase. Your subscription will auto-renew unless you turn this off 24-hours before the subscription runs out. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:


  • Brings me home!

    By Jo13jo13
    I was born and raised in the SF Bay Area and now live where I cannot get a hard I LOVE GETTING MY E-Edition! I’d rather be living close to home, but thank you for my E-Edition!
  • Getting worse

    By SoniaAndDavid
    This app has been going downhill since the more positive review I posted a year or two ago. Granted it’s generally faster and crashes less now. But various bad design decisions and bad content curation have made it so difficult to use that I now frequently find it necessary to leave the app and instead go to the Chronicle’s facsimile edition in Safari. This is particularly true for the Datebook section and for other articles that while headlined in other sections seem to be retrieved from Datebook. They come up excruciatingly slowly and seem not to be readable at all from other countries while travelling. And periodically whole blocks of content disappear like some columns or most of the comics for the past week. To your answer: No, it is not an updating the app problem. Missing content is a curation problem, and eventually someone notices and fixes it, like the comics came back today after going missing over the weekend. The speed and accessibility-from-Europe issues have been with us for months and are a fundamental design problem dating from when someone decided to replace A&E with Datebook wrapped from or something of that sort.
  • Content and Display Problems

    By QuipMC
    There’s a real problem with this app right now. When I select many articles they open but the app also displays a “Content Unavailable - Sorry we could not find the specified content“ message that must be dismissed. When I try to open other content I receive a message that it can’t be displayed because I don’t have an internet connection...yet I do. Also, every time I open certain content I receive annoying demand windows to subscribe even though I’m already a subscriber. Then there’s this: Over the past few days most of the comics have disappeared and today there are none. Finally, do we really have so little news that much of the front page is dedicated to sports? That’s what the Sports section is for. I’ve subscribed to the Chronicle for years, first in print and now via the app...and the app, over all its iterations, continues to disappoint.
  • Comics are gone!

    By rwooty
    What happened to the Comics?! All that’s left are Bizarro, Mutts, Sherman’s Lagoon, and Zits. While I like these, all the rest have disappeared. When the regular news is constantly depressing, at least I have the Comics to look forward to, but apparently someone has decided to make a huge cutback. This app is not that great anyway, but this puts it below the bottom.
  • New an Improved

    By charliec63
    It better now than at it recent low point (see last paragraph)which it was like an object falling into a “black hole”. This version seems to work reliably well enough that I gone back to reading the Chronicle for local news. Who knows what the future holds? You can read my original rating below. The current version of the app works well, and has good functionality. Compared to the earlier versions it’s much, much better. In some ways I like it better than The NY Times app, which seems to have been driven towards mediocrity by over ambition and advertising screen real estate. It has been a long haul for the chronicle hopefully the recent progress continues. My original assessment continues: The overall reading format is still clunky, but the apps reliability and usefulness has improved, ie. it doesn't crash as much. The NY Times continues to perform consistently better. Gradually, we'll arrive at a commonly shared format. This one is not quite there yet. C Update: The app has gone in the reverse direction. One might think, that being next to Silicon Valley and being ground zero for web app development around the world, that the Chronicle app might be a show piece, but that's not the case. Using it can be a brutal experience.
  • Best newspaper app I´ve seen

    By Buendiq
    I have had absolutely zero problems with this app. It is extremely user friendly and I actually like being told “It’s a new day” as it refreshes with the current newspaper. I have not tried to go into the archives, so can’t give a complete review, but I’m impressed.
  • Really bad, but it always has been

    By AnnoyedLJD
    Try copying a url to an article to LinkedIn or to google docs. If you click the share icon, then copy, then past that into either Linkedin or google docs the only thing that pastes is a picture. No problem, just open the article in a browser and do it that way... except “open in browser” isn’t supported by the app. Hmm maybe if I send it as a text messages and get the url that way. Finally! Talk about a poorly designed app.
  • Used to work

    By Bman 2027
    This app used to work, but it doesn’t even get past the splash screen anymore. Cancelling my subscription.
  • Just not a well working or designed experience

    By glev1
    Version 2.3.8 - still crashes daily. If you are listening to music while reading your paper, it will repeatedly stop your music from playing. Navigation with the swipe left and right makes scrolling through an article challenging. Still wish for a larger font. Version 2.2.5 - really pretty much the same. I have written to the support team and they say they are working in it. But this app has really not improved much in the past year. Layout and image placement has improved. But load times and crashes have not. And the app is often unresponsive when you return to it from another app. This app is still inconsistent and crashes daily. While there is some control over font size - still too small for my eyes. The layout is inconsistent and images sometimes do not show up. It seems their support team is as frustrated with their developers as the users are. I truly want to support the chronicle with my subscription but the app really has to work better. Previous - This is how I get my Chronicle every day. The articles are all there and they have fixed many interface issues. But they also introduced a new one - if you get an error due to spotty Internet coverage, the only recourse is to relaunch the app, even when there is Internet access. 1. Slow and annoying reloads when switching apps. If you leave the app and come back, you will get back to where you left off, but only after a tedious reload. FIXED 2. Also slow to switch between articles and even turn pages. The page turn slides the entire interface across the screen just to get to the next page. Most apps I used for reading are much faster than this one. IMPROVED 3. Part of the reason I read the paper digitally is to be able to follow links in articles. Most links are just listed as text so you cannot click on them. Nor can you even copy the text to put in a browser. Major flaw! IMPROVED 4. Seems to take forever to download a new edition (on very fast wifi). Often get message to quit the app as new edition has just been downloaded - annoying. And don't even try to download to read offline. Takes forever. FIXED - but they still have a poor updating process.
  • Datebook not working

    By olliewallyboo
    Works ok except for the datebook which does not display any