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Follow iPhones & other smartphones! The Phone Tracker allows you to easily locate and follow your friends and family. Now you can know where others are located and see where they have been in the last 72 hours. ► Find and follow friends near you ► Follow iPhones & other smartphones ► Track your spouse as they travel The Phone Tracker combines the robust GPS functionality of the iPhone, internet mapping and the latest features of the iPhone platform. Features include: ► Locate other iPhone users and view their movements during the previous 72 hours. ► Permission based system allows/denies other iPhone users to follow you. ► GPS options to reduce battery usage. ► Blocking of individual(s) to know your location. ► Simple registration process. Uses include: ► Follow kids movements throughout the day. ► Know where family members are at any time. ► Track employees movement during work. ► Locate friends. ► Find lost or stolen phones. Other items: ► To follow another person, they must use the "Phone Tracker" to grant you permission. ► If a person you are following doesn't have a recent pin drop, they have likely rebooted their phone and the app is no longer able to follow them. Simply have them open the app for a few seconds and it will begin following them again. ► Continued use of GPS can dramatically decrease battery life. ► IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS, PLEASE EMAIL US AT: "HELP @ iPHONE-TRACKER.NET"


  • Not the greatest

    By Jean911s
    Rarely shows me accurately where the other person is. And the blue bar at the top is VERY annoying
  • Awful app

    By Ape e
    It does not update the location and when it does it’s not even close.
  • Really Great App stops working even with upgraded

    By casgarn
    I purchased the upgrade needless to say it works wonderfully. Unfortunately, it has stopped working for me today. Cannot locate other party will not send text message to other party stuck on last location which was noon today.
  • I like it!

    By Uncle Ecky
    Really like this app which allows us to track our friends in other Countries.

    By I only give a star. ...
    This app is not very engaging ... because it only shows me the time and the minutes on the way we went through, not to mention the name and address .. and have to open the app regularly ... I pay for this app but i do not like it..... I only give a star. ...
  • Good

    By Sassymisscassy
    It’s a good app the only thing is at the top of my screen when I’m out of my app it says “PhoneTracker is actively using your location” and that’s kind of annoying and I don’t know how to get rid of it.
  • Don’t work!

    By just disapointed
    It doesn’t update the location those you are following.
  • What a joke

    By JWL88
    This app is too easily disabled by any phone being tracked. Buying the upgrade does nothing more than the free app except give you a tube line. Tracks my own phone but not any other. Not worth it! Jewel
  • I can’t create account

    By Luiz Aguiar
    I have tried to create an account at least 20 times and all I get is “Error “. Don’t waist your time and money. Luiz
  • Not what I had hoped

    By Shenelle314
    I was looking for an app to give me better info than Life360. I have a son on his way to college and 2 middle school boys and I just like to know they are safe as they do not always answer the phone. I paid for this app and I am not satisfied. If you leave it on always running, the blue bar in the background is annoying. It pings every 30 minutes only if the app is running. And if the app is not running you can not get any info. If I wanted to call my son every time I wanted to check his location, I would do that. Life360 did much better but would stall at times. There needs to be some updates to this app.