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The #1 mobile law library app. “I'm very impressed by what this app can do.” “It includes all of the features that you would want.” iPhone J.D. “What helps set rulebook apart from its competition is the fact that you can treat it like you would a paper version of the rules. You can highlight sections (there are a few different highlight colors to choose from), make notes on sections, and bookmark sections. . . .” Third Apple “Rulebook is well worth picking up and using.” MacLitigator Using your court rules and other legal authorities has never been easier. Download this app and some of our free books (Federal Rules of Evidence, U.S. Constitution, etc.) and discover for yourself why the editors of The Bluebook®, A Uniform System of Citation®* and other leading publishers have chosen Rulebook™ to be the exclusive mobile publishing platform for their respective works. Access The Bluebook® and other leading copyrighted works along with all your federal and state court rules on one app—all of which are kept current through regular updates. Take all the rules you have downloaded anywhere you go and quickly access them without the need for an internet connection. Download once; use anywhere. With Rulebook™ you can: * Search your entire library by key words or phrases. * Touch any word to highlight, take notes, copy, print, and/or bookmark any amount of text. * Navigate easily from rule to rule by swiping the screen or jumping to the rule using the active table of contents feature. * Keep multiple rules and authorities open at once and toggle easily back and forth between authorities with Rulebook’s multitask function. * Double tap anywhere in a rule to identify immediately what subsection of the rule you are viewing for easy citation. * Jump directly to cited internal and external sources through active hyperlinks. * Enjoy having all your content automatically kept up to date without losing any of your highlights, notes or bookmarks through Rulebook’s proprietary update tool. To watch a 90-second video highlighting some of these features search for "rulebook app video" in your internet browser and select "Rulebook App for Lawyers" from the list. Enterprise solutions are also available for law firms and other legal organizations. Contact [email protected] for additional information. *The trademark and copyright in the Bluebook® are jointly owned by the Columbia Law Review Association, Inc., the Harvard Law Review Association, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and The Yale Law Journal Company, Inc., used under license.


  • Charged for an update I can’t upload

    By epinedeh
    I recently purchased and was charged an update (California Rules of Professional Conduct);however, I am unable to open the update.
  • 100% Useless

    By bosscrypto2boss
    Probably the most useless app ever made.
  • Bugs fixed, good customer support

    By PV29
    When it works, this app is very useful. When it works. Usually it freezes and needs to be closed and restarted. Updates take forever to download and install. It’s easier for me to just open a book. UPDATE: The developer took the time to contact me and informed me that the app had been improved. The issues listed above have been addressed and the app is very useful. Kudos to the developer.
  • I paid $40 for the bluebook on an app that keeps crashing

    By Nskaosmsizismsd
    Don't waste your time! I paid $40 to access the bluebook on here and I'm in the middle of needing it for a paper and the app keeps crashing. This is ridiculous!
  • Great app

    By Dshanktu
    The old version had some problems, but the app works great now. Very helpful.
  • Finally fixed issue! (Old Update did not Work!!!)

    By mhmalin
    This is an update to my one star review dated from when casemaker took over this app. I am glad to report that the app works again including working off line. However, the earlier product was cleaner and easier to use, so I still consider it a little bit of a step back. However, The last debacle with the update totally not functioning has left a bad taste in my mouth. I am a professional and I need apps I can rely on. The solution from Casemaker took weeks and professionals need to know that an app will be there when it is needed. However, it works now, so upgrade to 4 stars.
  • Upload the Constitution

    By Danceupon
    The constitution keeps crashing on Article 3. Federal rule of evidence is ok. Typos. Who do I speak to for typos? Please fix these 2 libraries to always work.
  • Nothing

    By Romey0505005
    There are no options available after I register for an account. I wish I could give zero stars. Completely useless.
  • Crap

    By Udwn4smcrzysht
    Does not allow me to download the actual resources. Waste of your time! Even after developer contacted me and posted a response it still doesn’t work AT ALL.
  • Edit: fixed many issues

    By Jherr101042
    The app works well for me now although I had a horrible experience with it at first. It’s a good way to access rulebooks on iPad. My original review: [I bought the bluebook 20 ed. through in app purchase and was unable to access it even after troubleshooting with the FAQ section. I tried to email support and my email was returned undeliverable. I tried to access the support website through the App Store and the domain was no longer valid. I heard about this app through the bluebook website. You would think they would vet their partners better. This app has been less than worthless to me (to the tune of $40.) I feel ripped off.]