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** It’s like a GPS directing you how to fall asleep ** — The Guardian ** The most positively reviewed app in the history of the Apple App Store ** — Business Insider Take back control of your sleep with Relax Melodies and join our community of millions that sleep better every day. Start sleeping now and enjoy full nights of sleep like you haven’t in a long time. Select sounds and melodies that you like, combine them and adjust the volume of each sound to create a mix. Add one of our meditations specially designed for sleep, lay back, listen, and enjoy falling asleep. It’s that simple and it works. Create different and new mixes every time! Listen, breathe and move… We have all the tools you need for blissful sleep: a) Over 100 sounds and melodies to create unlimited ambiances and atmospheres. b) Brainwaves frequencies to help you reach specific states of sleep. c) ‘Community Melodies’ driven by the best mixes of the community. Relax Melodies can also be used in many other situations. Perfect during some of your favorite activities such as relaxing at the spa, exercising in your yoga or relaxation classes, massaging sessions, or even when taking a nap! Ideal for parents to help your baby fall asleep! * Press & Magazine Highlights * Featured in Amazon’s Top Best Apps, People Magazine, Health Magazine, KnowYourMobile, Mashable, Autism Pluggedin, and many others! ‘Relax Melodies is designed with a good night’s sleep in mind. If you have difficulty getting to sleep or feeling rested in the morning, then this is the app to try.’ - HealthLine ‘Escape restless nights by listening to custom mixes of sounds’ - Mashable ‘Want to learn the art of power napping but can’t switch off? This app can help.’ - Independent Digital News & Media Try it today and reclaim your sleep. Online - Facebook - Twitter -


  • Can't work without it!

    By dmfriend
    I use this everyday when I am working. It helps me concentrate on the tasks at hand and shut out any audible distractions that occur around me.
  • New layout is fantastic!

    By rouxgaroux
    Finally, the UI that was clunky before, has been updated and it much better and more fluid. Easy 5 starts for the best nature/relaxation/focus "sound machine" app out there. Keep up the good work!
  • So much to love!

    By pastfacesfuture
    I bought the premium version of this app on my MacBook and my AppleTV, and I have the free version on my iPhone and iPad. Most of the "sounds" in the available library are high quality and well done. There are only a few I have found of a lesser quality, like for example where the loop is detectable within the track, or where there's too much ambient noise surrounding a specific sound I want. I notice that they keep adding new sounds to the library, which is fantastic and a big part of the reason for this review. I only use the sounds that aren't musical, but I'm sure those musical sounds are loved by many as well. I absolutely LOVE combining 3 to 12 different sounds, blending them together at different volumes using the built-in "mixer" feature, and saving them as favorites for later. I play with this feature way too often! If I had once wish, it would be for my "favorites" to transfer from device to device, but I enjoy creating new mixes so much, this is a very minor complaint. Huge thanks to Ipnos Software for this app - it allows me hours and hours of distraction-free work.
  • Was great until the latest update. Now totally broken!

    By Neoteric5
    I loved this app. It worked fine until I updated today to 6.0 (25) on my Mac running MacOS 10.14.1. Now all I get is a blank Relax Melodies landscape, no icons, no Preferences. Tried reinstalling. Please fix this app!
  • Update for Mojave 10.4 please

    By MichaelJayBills
    This app has bugs and looks like it is not optimized for Mac OS Mojave 10.4...
  • Nice

    By Sleestack808
    needs a global mixer for the sounds
  • Love this app!

    By Dibrun
    I have relax melodies on all my devices… is a valuable resource that enhances mood…..concentration…relaxation….has it all and with so many sound options any user preferences are surely met!
  • It’s good, comes with some bugs.

    By IceburgSandwich
    It’s good at what it does. But stuff aren’t as intuitive as they can be. Definetely feels like a aged design.
  • Wonderful

    By lynstace
    i have insomnia and this app lulls me to sleep. Many sounds to choose from and mix.
  • Latest updates are downgrades

    By Ysharros
    I was a huge fan of the various Relax Melodies products, but the latest updates keep asking me to spring for the premium version (I have, for all of them, and more than once in a couple of cases what with package deals) and make me sit through tutorial and intro screens I have no interest in without allowing me to skip them (Relax Meditation, I’m looking at YOU). Worse yet, the overall volume slider has vanished from Relax Melodies Premium, which is a truly baffling decision. Allowing me to set each sound to its own volume and then set the application’s volume *independently* of my device's volume was one of the app’s major selling points and I have a hard time understanding why a paid feature was removed. (Mac version.) A while back I’d have enthusiastically given this 5 stars. Now I’m considering removing the apps from all my devices and asking for a refund. Not happy.