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Shooter is an external ballistics calculator designed to bring you highly accurate solutions quickly. Shooter accomplishes this by saving your firearm and ammo data and makes it easily selectable upon loading the app as well as providing features like Kestrel and WeatherFlow integration to import your atmospherics via Bluetooth. Shooter has successfully aided hunters, marksmen and sniper teams for years. Some key features: * An extremely accurate, fast and proven ballistics solver created by Berger Bullet's chief ballistician and champion shooter Bryan Litz * Save firearm and ammo data as profiles so you don't have to continually entering the same constant data over and over each time you want a calculation * You probably have several firearms and loads. It's tedious entering all this data on a handheld device. With Shooter, you can login to a web interface using your PC at and enter/manage all your firearm/ammo data then simply sync it to your device. * Finger-controlled graphical wind dial for easy wind angle input * Online profile backup included at no extra charge * Built-in large bullet library to make it simpler to add your ammo profiles. Shooter now supports syncing bullet data from the cloud in order to provide quicker updates for newly released bullets * Supports Coriolis Effect and Spin Drift calculations; Can get your Latitude and Azimuth for Coriolis Effect using GPS and compass. * Automatic-atmosphere input using your GPS location and nearest weather station * Zero-atmosphere support. This will auto-account for changes to your zero when shooting in a different atmosphere * Solution screen which allows for extremely quick and easy changing of shot distance, wind or lead speed * Load atmospherics from Kestrel 5000-series, Kestrel DROP 1/2/3 or WeatherFlow WeatherMeter * Graph bullet path, drift and velocity with ability to compare up to 6 loads at once * Velocity Calibration tool which helps you determine your muzzle velocity. * Email trajectory table output * Full metric support For more information and operation manual, please visit


  • Virtually no support

    By michael.kavanaugh
    Basic functions work fine but if there is a question or any issue not covered in the years-old instructions you are SOL. I bought the app in iTunes Store and used it for over a year on my iPhone and when I got a new iPhone it is trying to charge me again to install. No answers from developer. Think I will look elsewhere rather than pay another ten bucks. Update. Got the app to re-download without charge. Still no new updated version, no updated bullet library. For example, Hornady has come out with a number of new 6.5 Creedmoor loads and bullets, like ELDM and ELDX cartridges that are very widely used and popular ammo. They are nowhere to be found in the library. Again the app has basic functionality, but it’s a shame the developer doesn’t put in a minimal amount of effort to update it for users to make it more functional and convenient.
  • Shooter (Ballistic App)

    By Dgod1950
    This is a good, well functioning application, just not the one I wanted & thought I was paying for. It became obvious when I tried to add calibers and there was no such capabilities. Given the opportunity to cancel the purchase of “Shooter”, and then to purchaseShooter AE”. That is exactly what I would do, given that chance. Once again, very good app, just not precisely what I wanted for my use. Dan G Southwest Oklahoma
  • Trash

    By This app is a f****** fail
    I have entered every detail about my firearm, but after I hit calculate, it just shows a loading screen and never transitions to show me data. I will never give this developer money again and want a refund
  • Waste of money - first review I have ever left on an app

    By thepipeman
    Does not even have 300 Win Mag in the library?? One of the most versatile rounds in long range shooting. Had to buy another app after paying $10 for this one
  • Not good.

    By Ranchhand1947
    I cannot find a way to change to metric for weather and distances. I set up the preferences on the web site, but it does not sync to my phone. Now to try and get my money back
  • Top notch ballistics calculator but a few bugs

    By Mattmcg in Ca
    11/27/17 updated! Leading the way in ballistics calculators for iOS with an efficient and easy to use UI, accurate calculations, and all the customizable features that you need. A few bugs though that need fixing. The powder temp switches off randomly and needs fixing. Would like hundredths digit in hub display as an option.
  • Needs to be updated for iOS 8.

    By Fxdrider01
    App works fine. Bullet library needs updating. Still no Hornady ELD’s in .224 and .308 nor Nosler RDF bullets. Possibly others - These are just the ones I know about.
  • Good App

    By silent men
    I have used this app for a few years now and really like it. My son shoots comp sometimes and uses this app and swears by it.
  • Worth the money

    By Dadadadinosaur
    Managed to get hits on a 10" gong at 1200 in 5 rounds with this app. First time shooting long range and using a $200 vortex crossfire, so I'm sure the app calculations were much more accurate than my scope turrets, but I was only off by a few moa and able to adjust from there. Very happy with the purchase.
  • No Support

    By Pricanaf
    There hasn't been any support or updates since 2015. Avoid this app.