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Welcome to the Chick-fil-A® app. Earn points, redeem available rewards of your choice and reach new tiers with increasing benefits. FEATURES 1. Mobile ordering – Place your order through your phone, choose your preferred pick-up method, and let us know when you arrive. 2. Earn points – Earn points with every purchase by scanning your QR code, paying with Chick-fil-A One™, or placing mobile orders at Chick-fil-A. 3. Redeem rewards – Use your points to redeem available food rewards of your choice. 4. Customized menu – We’ll remember what you like and – even better – how you like it. Note on Location Services: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. We ask permission to use GPS only to support local offers and promotions, the restaurant location finder, and mobile ordering check-in. Legal:


  • Chick full a

    By fiavdnedhxidbd
    This app is a great way to save money and get things for free. :)
  • Happy Customer

    By SoldierSauce
    I really love this app. Best one for fast food chains in my opinion.
  • Updated App but no more freebies

    By Bobeaze
    Used to freebies at least once a month but with the new update only point based. Dissappointing!
  • Hospitality

    By GlowWilliams
    Great service! :)
  • Sad because I love Chic-Fil-A

    By Sad Chic-Fil-A fan
    I had a very sad experience losing 700 of my reward points while trying to place an order using the app. I contacted customer service and was told there was nothing they could do about the malfunction. According to the point system, I had earned enough points for a free Chic-Fil-A chicken sandwich and medium waffle fry. When I explained how the app had made my points vanish after clicking on them to redeem and add to my cart, the reply I got back was, “I’m sorry.” While it was a polite response, it was not helpful and they didn’t offer any points back or possibly a free item(s) to help me feel like they were attempting to make up for the app’s malfunction. Overall left feeling like Chic-Fil-A cares...just not enough to matter this time.
  • Can I get an ice water?

    By Bri10E
    I love mobile ordering and rewards. I just couldn’t figure out how to order an ice water with my meal. If there’s not a way, I think that’s pretty garbagey of them.
  • Can’t add multiple gift cards or multiple orders. Account switch limit

    By AppleJedi
    One star! The old app allowed you to stack multiple Chick Fil A gift cards but the new one does not. My local grocery only sells Chick Fil A cards in multiples of $10. I buy them there for fuel rewards. $10 doesn’t feed my family. Additionally the new app won’t let you place an additional order for food if you forgot something. You must pick up your first order before the app allows you to place another. This means going in and standing in line to place an order for the additional item. This wastes a lot of time! Some rewards won’t let you redeem two in the same order so this reduced functionality forces you to complete the first order to be able to redeem your treat reward in a second order. One more thing... old app remembered the previous Chick-Fil-A login email and the new one does not. I buy multiple cow calendars and now it’s more work to log out of one account to redeem the monthly treat and then log into another at the same Chick Fil A visit usually. For example we will use my account for my calendar treat and then my son’s account for his calendar treat of the month. Old app remembered the previous email address to save time typing it in but new one makes you delete it and type it all out. Inefficient! Your developers should be ashamed of themselves for butchering the app! Please bring back the original superior app!
  • The BEST fast food app

    By Bulangan
    This is my go to app when I’m out of town. The more you use it, the more of getting freebies 👍🏻 love it
  • Nice app

    By Gnelsu
    I would like to see previous order history for both app and store in the app
  • YES!!

    By ❤ANGEL
    I absolutely love this app for chick fil a. It’s very convenient and at times when I have no money and need a sandwich. I can use my points to get one. It’s awesome. I’ve even done a large order and received everything I needed. I’m well known at my local chick fil a store. It’s one of my most favorite places to eat. The app is just awesome ! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!! Cause I love it!!!!!