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AnyList is the best way to create grocery shopping lists and collect and organize your recipes. Easily share a list with your spouse or roommates, for free. Changes show up instantly on everyone’s iPhone or iPad. AnyList has been featured in the App Store as “New and Noteworthy”, a “Great Free App”, and one of “10 Essential” productivity apps. “AnyList makes shared grocery lists simple and intuitive.” —Lifehacker “AnyList sets the standard for grocery shopping list apps.” —AppStorm “I don’t recommend going to the grocery store without it.” —Today’s iPhone ==== FEATURES ==== == LISTS == • Quickly add and cross off items. Autocomplete suggests common items as you type. • Add items by voice with Siri and our Reminders Import feature. • Add notes to list items to indicate quantity, brand, coupons, etc. • Create multiple lists to organize items by store or occasion. • Grocery items are automatically separated into categories. • Create your own custom categories. • Reorder categories to match the layout of your local store. • Save items as favorites, then browse your favorites and add them to your current shopping list. • View recent items from your past shopping trips, then add them back to your current list. • Easily share lists. Just enter the email address of your spouse or roommate and your list is shared. List changes instantly show up on everyone’s iOS device. • Lists can be shared with as many people as you'd like. • Everyone creates their own AnyList account, so you can share some lists, while keeping others private. • Optional push notifications let you know when a shared list has been modified. • Optionally badge the app icon with the number of items remaining on your lists. • Choose a color for each list to help distinguish lists. • Move or copy items between lists. • Print lists, or send via email or SMS. == RECIPES == • Enter your own recipes, or copy & paste them from another source. • Add ingredients from your recipes to your shopping lists with a single tap. • Organize recipes into collections by type or occasion. • Search your recipes by name or ingredients. • Print recipes, or send via email. • Share your recipe collection with a trusted partner. Any changes to recipes will be instantly visible to both of you. == SYNC / BACKUP == • Sync all of your lists and recipes across all of your devices. Sign in to your AnyList account on your iPhone and iPad, and any change made on one will instantly sync to the other. • All of your lists and recipes are securely backed up in the cloud as part of your AnyList account. If you get a new device, just sign in to your AnyList account to retrieve your data. == ANYLIST COMPLETE (PREMIUM FEATURES) == All of the features above are available for free. We also offer an optional in-app purchase called AnyList Complete that unlocks the full power of the app with these great features: • AnyList for Mac & AnyList for the Web. Use AnyList on your Mac or PC. • AnyList for Apple Watch. Quickly access your lists on your wrist. • Recipe Web Import. Save recipes you find on the web to AnyList • Meal Planning Calendar. Plan your meals and shopping for the coming week. • List Item Photos. Add a photo to list items. For shared lists, photos can be viewed by everyone sharing the list. • Recipe Photos. Add a photo to your recipes, instead of being limited to icons. • Recipe Scaling. Quickly scale ingredient quantities up or down. • Item Prices. Stick to your budget by adding prices to items. • Stores & Filters. Assign items to stores and quickly filter your list by store. • List Themes. Apply themes to your lists, with custom fonts, textures, and color. • List Folders. Create folders to organize lists and reduce clutter. • Location-Based Reminders. Get reminders when near a store or other location. • List Passcode Lock. Protect your lists from casual snooping. ==== CONTACT US ==== We'd love to hear from you: [email protected] AnyList includes icons from


  • Love this app!

    By cissycakes
    I’m a list junkie and live and breathe by my lists. This app has single-handedly changed the way I utilize my weekly meal planning and grocery list making. My favorite feature is the ability to pull my pinned recipes from Pinterest (or any website) directly into my saved recipe list and auto-populate the ingredients into my grocery list! Game changer! If I need to adjust the portions, it’s the click of a button. No calculations, no re-writing, no worries! I purchased the full version so I could take advantage of this feature and have no regrets, it’s worth every penny. In addition, being able to meal plan my week and know exactly which grocery stores I need to visit (I have 3) having all my staples already pre-loader into my lists has literally saved me hours of time so far. Good job to the creators of this app, I appreciate you very much. 😁
  • Not lovely to look at but super capable

    By OnTheEast
    I’ve tried, seems like, dozens of list apps. This is by far the best. Originally just used it for tracking shopping lists. Great for that. Easy entry, categorizes if you want, remembers previous entries, has many built in, all you’d want. But recently started using it for recipes. Automatically gets online recipes from websites (for example NY Times), also manually by pasting, converts for different size batches, automatically populates shopping lists. Finally, it is good for non-food lists (like movies you want to see). And you can sync particular lists with others, like your significant other.
  • Newbie

    By Go Middleton
    I only gave a 4 - star rating because I have not yet used the app enough to be completely familiar with all the features. So far I like the transfer feature between AnyList and Reminders, and among others, most of the pre-selection of categories. Now I must learn how to delete the one’s I do not plan to use at this time, and add a couple new ones I hope to use. If all works out for the better, I will re-rate the app to a 5-star, I think it has the potential.
  • Love love love

    By Bjf091287
    Absolutely do not know how I functioned without this app before
  • Good app just one thing

    By thecakelady757
    Love the app. I have the whole family using it. I just wish that when a family member adds something to the list it will tell you what they added to the list.
  • Does what I want it to do

    By HerculesMulligan
    I wanted a good, not overly-complicated list app to replace my old one. This one does the job. The interface is clean and uncluttered, which I like. Lists are super easy to make & organize. For groceries I buy frequently, I can put them on a "Favorites" list, then add to my current list. The only thing I wish they would add: a way to move an item from one list to another.
  • Any List

    By Postspike
    It’s a great App. Easy to use. Both my wife and I use it in a variety of ways. Only one minor thing we’d like to see added. For To Do lists, having a priority and the ability to list the To Do items in the order of priority would be a big help.
  • Best List App available

    By bdubyal
    My wife and I are always on the same page from our to do list to our recipe and weekly meal planning. All families should have this list. It truly is a life changer. Thanks AnyList team!
  • I can’t imagine a better recipe keeper than this app!

    By Rainbow Ranch Girl
    I’ve never, ever paid for an app so that in itself was a big deal for me. But I knew I loved the list part of this app and the ability to make lists for everything I need to keep up with in my life. However, once I used the recipe import and recipe creation, I’m in total love. The ease of importing, creating & editing recipes is brilliant. When you edit a recipe, you can even move the revised ingredient to wherever it need to be in the ingredient list! Not to mention the ability to instantly add all or only the ingredients you need to your grocery list. Thank you boys for creating this app!
  • Happily pay the annual subscription

    By lunayque
    This is our go-to app for pretty much all our planning in our household. It does what you need within a clean, thoughtful interface. Grocery shopping coordination is a snap, and now we use it for travel planning (e.g., make a list of things to pack AND tasks to do before we leave). I can honestly say I use this app almost daily, and definitely weekly.