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Classical Conversations® Foundations Memory Work Tutorials, Cycle 1 Strengthen your brain by memorizing quality content with art and song in a beautiful, interactive format in seven subject areas. Features include enhanced graphics and interactivity, Classical Conversations® Classical Acts & Facts Timeline, and U.S. presidents! Classical educators know the importance of memorizing the grammar—the basic facts and vocabulary—of a subject. Now you can memorize the foundational knowledge of seven topics in a fun, interactive iPad and iPhone application. In Cycle 1, Classical Conversations students memorize 161 events and people in the timeline, including the U.S. presidents; 24 history sentences from ancient and world history; 24 sites or features of Africa and world geography; 24 science questions and answers on biology and earth science; multiplication tables (1 through 15), squares, roots, cubes, and basic math laws and conversions; Latin noun endings; and English grammar rules. This app corresponds to the Foundations Curriculum, Fifth Edition, released in 2018. Ancient and world history is presented in an interactive application with songs and artwork designed to make memorizing enjoyable. Now integrated with other Classical Conversations resources, each history sentence and science question points you to the corresponding Classical Acts & Facts® Card, handy flashcards for classical educators that will expand your memory work in depth and breadth. No matter your age, you can build a firm foundation of knowledge by memorizing these building blocks of education. Classical Conversations Foundations students, ages 4 through 12, have been using these tools in our online subscription service, CC Connected®. The iPad application offers these additional features: • Touch screen slides horizontally to reveal memory work by subject • Touch screen slides vertically to study each subject by week • Touch screen allows students to slide back and forth through the U.S. presidents • Navigates back and forth and home easily Classical Conversations® empowers homeschooling parents and establishes classical, Christian communities that equip children with a biblical worldview and the classical tools of learning in order to impact the world for God’s glory. Visit us online to learn more: Please send questions or comments to: [email protected]


  • Cuts out every time we use it.

    By Em from MN
    Last year’s app was great but this one cuts out every time we use it.
  • Hiiiii

    By tentpeg77
  • Dumb

    By mightyash
    Like everything else CC does its overpriced and under delivers. How about some quizzing abilities? It would be great if you could drag geography names onto the places, or say I’d like to work on weeks 1-6. How about scrambled time line cards you have to put in order? Why am I doing all this for you? A lot of us spend more time in our cars than we’d like, we can’t carry all our timeline cards with us everywhere we go. I was hoping this app would help. It’s a lame over priced app.
  • Great app!

    By ☀️+🌧=🌈
    I like the app. It has all the songs plus the visuals.
  • Bring back Science Snippets and History Highlights!

    By B'Mc'13
    This app is already limited with material and lacking flexibility of an auto play feature. The Science Snippets and History Highlights are sorely missed. Our family would cast the app onto our TV so we could all view the screen together and read this information. This is the most expensive app I’ve ever purchased and I do so because I tutor and my kids use to it prepare for memory master. We use it quite a lot however is this bare bones and a no frills app. Usually updates include MORE features, not less!
  • Updated!

    By Savin$
    I’ve had this app for several years. I was happy to see that when the curriculum updated from 4th edition to 5th edition i didn’t need to pay for the app again. My kindergartener uses this to review while I’m working with one on one in other subjects with my older child.
  • Would love to see this feature added...

    By Mom with babies
    Love the convenience of having access to these songs on this app! But, I would love to see a feature where we can play all the material and songs from each week one after the other in a loop without having to go to each subject and week to get to the song. Kind of like a week by week playlist? This would be amazing! Thanks!
  • Not as good as cycle 3

    By Georgeithaca
    Pro: it has the memory work, history songs, Latin songs, and its user friendly. Cons: you have to swipe for it to play, there are not interactive or game elements and it doesn’t have the preposition or timeline song. Also, the cycle 3app had science snippets and extra history info. Those were handy and I miss them in this cycles version.
  • Falls asleep constantly

    By Grants guru
    App is very useful for our daily memory work, but I have to keep my finger hovering over the screen to keep it from going to sleep every few minutes, even in the middle of a song. Royal pain. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
  • No song!

    By MOMMABof4
    Ok so I really love CC! It’s a great program and I’ve been homeschooling for over 20 yrs, I have 4 children and I’ve tried it all. Started my youngest in CC this year for the first time. My 1 major complaint is that they really lack in “keeping up with the times” so to speak when it comes to media apps and (musical tunes, but I won’t go there now) I was really thrilled to see this app now and downloaded it immediately! Much to my regret.... there are NO songs, not even the timeline song.... I don’t get it? Why would you not include the timeline song? Well, I heard I can download it elsewhere so I’ll be looking into that now. UPDATE: There are songs on this app BUT not the main timeline song so I upgraded to a 3 star review. It’s handy but really needs the timeline song added.