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By LINE Corporation

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2012-11-20
  • Current Version: 6.9.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 96.44 MB
  • Developer: LINE Corporation
Score: 4.5
From 40,496 Ratings

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LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World for PC Description

Be the best you! Make your own unique avatar and meet friends from around the world! Over 60,000,000 people are currently playing LINE PLAY around the world! 1. All it takes is 3 seconds to make your own original avatar! You can make an avatar that looks just like yourself by taking a selfie! You can set the avatar as your LINE profile pic and decorate it with LINE Camera stickers! It's also fun to make avatars of your friends and give them to them! 2. The possibilities are endless! Thousands of items are waiting for you! Produce any kind of look you want with a huge variety of fashion, hair, makeup, and accessory items! New items are added practically every day! Create whatever vibe you're in the mood for! There are even animated items, as well as ones that play music! 3. Lots of tie-ups with popular artists and characters! Popular real-life artists and celebrities as well as fictional characters from properties like HELLO KITTY and Rilakkuma all come together in LINE PLAY! Your favorite characters could show up in a tie-up at any time! The tie-up item gachas are also a must-see! 4. Dive into Story World, where you can experience your own unique stories! There's a strange library in a corner of LINE PLAY. The fairy Libro lives there, and he needs your help! Please, help us! The only way to see the endings is to take back the stories! 5. Record special moments in your diary! Your diary is where you can write down anything from how you feel at the moment to important events in your life! Post your most stylish avatar outfits and see how many Likes you can get from your friends! 6. Head to the Squares, where you can hang out with people from around the world! The Squares are where you can chat and play all sorts of fun games! You can run a cafe, play soccer, or get absorbed in fishing! 7. Enjoy Circles with your friends! You can start your own Circle, or join an existing one! Talk with your friends about shared interests, exchange items, and more! Find your perfect Circle! 8. Play every day and become a VIP! Collect Stars by playing LINE PLAY every day, and get on the road to becoming a VIP! Once you become a VIP, you can enjoy a variety of benefits including access to special discounted gachas just for VIPs! LINE PLAY is perfect for anyone who... ...loves fashion! ...wants to make new friends! ...loves cute items! ...wants to make friends with similar interests! ...wants to enjoy life! looking for a new LINE profile pic! ...wants a new app to kill time with! ...wants to start something new with their friends! Please note: LINE PLAY is free to download and play, but in-app purchases are available. If you wish to restrict in-app purchases, please go to the Settings of your device and configure it so that a password is required to make purchases. Visit our official Facebook & Instagram Pages


  • (Please Read)Awesome game but one thing:The Players...

    By Noelle star
    Okay for all the people who want this game here’s my honest opinion for you guys... Line Play is great with there log in prizes to the events to get really nice and cool stuff! But the players most of the are so nice and never mean and stuff, which is great for the game’s reviews in all. Then maybe like 15% of people are mean to other players one of my Line Play friend took a picture of really mean and rude people who seemed like they were racist maybe?!!!😤😣😖😠😫 It’s disgraceful and disgusting also disrespectful to others!!!! But Line Play is good at safety for kids under the age of 12 don’t get to do much which is sad and good at the same time and I’m under 12 so I know but yeah. Now if you’re getting this game just be the best you can be and be careful on Line Play!!!⚠️. From A Line Play Player Noelle (Thanks for reading! Bye!)
  • Its a way to show the other side of you

    By nakamomo0428
    Its really addicting
  • I can’t even play!

    By ha#$er392¥¥£€}{3!¥?!£72€€
    Anytime I try to anything it just says that I can’t! Also, Where it says “change status update” or something like that there’s not a status update I can’t even change my username either! So I think that means I can’t even play!!!!
  • Trading

    By This is a want
    Still needs a trading system for a specific amount of time
  • Money hungry, and getting worse

    By ahs876
    I’ve played Line Play for a long time, and like other reviewers, I’ve noticed how much more expensive it’s gotten since I’ve started. Gems, the free in-game currency, are hard to earn. They’ve only gotten harder, with the game making daily quests reduce the amount of gems earned for certain actions and asking you watch ads to receive more. Gem gachas are usually pretty, but are lackluster compared to Gem gachas. Unfortunately though, the paid currency, Gems, is extremely, extremely expensive and difficult to attain in game. If you log in every day of the month, you only get 3. That’s only enough for one discounted animated gacha pull- and full priced ones go from 5-10 cash usually. Additionally to get access to the VIP gachas, the prettiest ones, you have to pay around 100 dollars every single month. There used to be better ways to earn cash, you used to get 10 a month instead of 3, and Las Vegas square used to be a viable option if you were okay with grinding, but those both got removed or downgraded. Shocker. The only reason I can’t completely discount the game is because there genuinely is a lot of cute art and a wonderful community. It’s just a shame that the people who run this game are so money hungry. Obviously I don’t expect everything in this game to be free, because this app does have to make a profit, but at this point everything on this app is too expensive even for someone like me who is willing to spend money on games like this. It’s very disappointing for the majority of this games draw to be locked behind a paywall.
  • IDK because I can’t play

    By GurlWhoLoveThisApp
    This is terrible It looks like so much fun but just a warning if you want to get it. It DOES NOT work when you are on 3G or LTE. If you don’t have 4G or WI-FI don’t install. Fix this so I can play because I want to play it looks really fun but I can’t because I have 3G.
  • Maybe Trade Items?

    By 👼🏽Bebe👼🏽
    I like this app, I play it often! But just a recommendation, how about adding a trading option so we can give items to our friends?
  • Great, and addicting PLEASE READDDDD

    By Sarah rulez
    The game is fun, but me being an old player, is disappointed. This game used to give you 10 coins after a month of logging in (still should have been bigger) but then it went to five, then three!!! It used to be that you didn’t HAVE to buy anything. NOW YOU CANT DO ANIMATED GACHAS
  • Good game.

    By Dzorrill
    I was recently banned from line play for “not being polite” I would like to kindly ask the moderators of the game to please, un-ban me. And if I didn’t get banned for “not being polite,” please let me know what I did.
  • banned for no reason

    By Ihazcakes
    i was playing line play like 5 or so months ago and it said i was banned and i got back on today because i saw it featured on the app store but when i try to login i cant get in and i even tried making a new account and it still says i’m banned.