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Cachly is a simple and powerful Geocaching app for iOS that includes many advanced features that include the following: - Geocaching account Cachly uses the Geocaching Live API so that you can login with your account and see all of your information. - Apple Watch App Use Cachly on your watch! - FTF! Show available FTFs on the map so you can be the first to grab the find!** - Find Caches Current location, coordinates, search for a location, or GC code. *Basic member restrictions apply. Some features only show for Premium users. - DNF See all your blue frowns and turn those into smilies! - Offline Vector Maps Maps can be saved for offline use using powerful offline capabilities using OpenStreet vector maps. - Offline caches Save caches to offline lists for use anywhere! - Offline filtering Filter lists of caches by attributes and other cache data - Bulk log upload Upload all your pending logs at once! - Translate Translate cache descriptions, hints, and logs from any language to any language. - Map Options Choose from Apple Maps, Ordnance Survey and OpenStreet Map online or offline vector maps - Import & Export GPX Import GPX files from Dropbox, iTunes, email and other apps or export and share a GPX of any caches. - Advanced Search Search for user finds, hides, exclude your finds and hides and so much more. - Advanced Sorting Sort the found caches by type, container, size, trackables and many other sort types. - Navigate to Cache Find the directions and route to the cache using Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Sygic, Navigon, Tom Tom, Gaia and Pocket Earth. - Log Caches/Trackables now or later Log them now or save them and send later. - Log Keywords Set default text for logs as well as use keyword replacements for common text such as cache code, date, etc. - Souvenirs See your user Souvenirs as well as other users. - Trackables Drop multiple trackables into a cache - Multiple Image Upload Upload multiple photos to logs - Pocket Queries Download and view Pocket Queries offline. - Bookmark Lists View your bookmark lists and add caches to them. View other users bookmarks as well! - Waypoints Create user waypoints as well as set a corrected coordinates. - More features Cachly includes loads of other feature that make it the best Geocaching app out there! *Basic members of geocaching are limited to returning only Traditional geocaches, Pocket Queries are not available, and Custom Search is limited. Basic members are also limited to loading 3 full caches per 24 hour period. This is not a restriction of Cachly, but of the Geocaching platform. **Premium feature


  • Great app I recommend it😀👍

    By ssnnoow
    Love it 😍
  • Just a browser?

    By Saltonsae
    This feels just like a web browser?
  • Amazing

    By kaiguy09
    Absolutely amazing 😎
  • Total rip off

    By Rambo532
    This app is a rip off it just redirects you to Geocaching, which is an app that charges you $5.99 a month to use. So you will end up paying $5 and then another $6 monthly to use the geocaching app. Scamming jerks. And all the fake reviews generated by whoever they pay is hilarious cuz it’s all B.S.!!!!!
  • Error

    By BobRobertRoberts
    On load I get an error that I cannot get more than 3 non lite geocaches in a day. 1st time I have had it on in weeks and I didn’t do anything but open the app. Zero usability.
  • Developers must be cachers!!

    By MN Traveller
    It’s clear that the developers for Cachly are cachers and listen to us. They seem to always be on top of new ways to make the app work better in the field. I have enjoyed every update. Except in a few circumstances, my GPS is just a heavy symbol around my neck. Cachly on my phone is the most used tool for me! $4.99 was a great deal and I even liked the ability to tip the developer for their great work. Keep it up!!
  • Caching

    Absolutely love all the updates to this program. It is our number one go to caching application. Thanks so much for developing the App
  • Great app

    By All I expected and more
    After using the app for several years, my opinion remains the same. It is an excellent app, providing many advanced features. I am fortunate to travel abroad and the “translate” capability has been invaluable. In addition, the developers continue to add features that polish the app and make it easier to use. Thanks .. Initial review: I've been using the Groundspeak app for many years but it's going away so it was time for a change. This app is so much better than their new offering that the replacement app choice was easy. While navigating to the first cache using Cachly, I found that it integrates seamlessly with my preferred nav app, Waze .. an unexpected bonus. This app has everything I want and more.
  • 5.0 is amazing!

    By Burnt toast59
    This is the iOS geocache app that just works. Great features. Love the map integration. Offline maps are amazing. No unnecessary animation. Great sorting tools. If you haven't tried offline in the app yet you're missing out. My favorite way to organize caches now. This is THE app to use if you’re on iOS.
  • It just keeps getting better

    By Going away now
    I have used Cachly since shortly after it came out. Nick works so hard and is great at communicating and making updates. If you have an iPhone this is the app to use!