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Score: 2
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With Crestron AirMedia® you can walk into a room and wirelessly present slides, spreadsheets, documents, on-device videos and photos, even web pages and apps – all on the room display from your iPhone® or iPad®. With new full screen device mirroring, presenting directly from your favorite app is more intuitive and with better quality than ever before. The updated interface with optional Crestron Fusion® calendaring and PinPoint™ proximity beacon support allows for the fastest full-screen connection experience available – no more being tied to a laptop or podium. Requires a Crestron AirMedia wireless gateway (AM-101), or Crestron product with AirMedia built-in: Crestron Mercury™, DMPS3-4K-250-C, or DMPS3-4K-350-C. AM-100 users will need to install the AirMedia for AM-100 app.


  • Missing iPhone X support

    By Chris Van Horn
    Wish it had support for Apple's latest phone.
  • The receivers don’t work.

    By ceparker27
    My university has begun using these Crestron air media receivers. However, after several months of trying to hook up my device, be it an iPhone or my Mac or a PC, I have been unable to get a single receiver to detect to my devices. The experience has been generally frustrating, to say the least.
  • App User

    By apt901
    Compared to past experience with Crestron App, new update is much improved in terms of User interface, latency and ease of use than any other update Crestron has ever done. Keep up the good work Crestron.

    By jbenherman
    My many years of experience with CRESTRON has become a shared laughing stock among my fellow CRESTRON unfortunates. My company just installed a brand new system with many thousands of dollars of superfluous add-on’s. I am the geeky-est of our group and find the vexing latency of the app interface only delays the disappointment with its primitive capabilities : totally 1986-era ( CRESTON AGAIN!) It reminds me of the restaurant review: “not only is the food bad, but the portions are small” How does CRESTRON get away with this????
  • Disappointed

    By sigman76
    As a business A/V provider this app is woefully under developed.
  • I got it to work kind of

    This app really needs a ton of work. What could have been tbh. Even for someone who kind of got it to work. It was bad
  • Zero Stars

    By evelyn7221
    The app just opens to a black screen and does nothing. When I double tap the home screen the preview shows me the main menu, but when I tap back into the app it goes black again.
  • Really bad

    By Russtlec
    It barely works. Locks up and crashes constantly. Poor UI. Aspect ratio often wrong. Compatibility issues. Slow. Wish my org didn't use this.
  • Worse than a standard projector

    By Quevar
    Can't show what is on my screen. Only a limited number of files formats. A huge step back in terms of functionality compared to a simple projector.
  • Didn't work at all

    By Evolution2001
    Had the previous version of the app working on my iphone. Downloaded this app for my ipad (iOS 10.3.3). Connected to same wireless network as rest of the enterprise. Doesn't find anything to connect to. Restarted iPad and app multiple times. The AirMedia desktop app is fine...but this app is 'no bueno'.