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Cold Shower Therapy (CST) is the original cold shower therapy challenge. If you want to start a new habit, get unstuck or just do something that's hard - take 30 days of cold showers and see what happens. The #1 thing you will find is that Cold Shower Therapy helps you get over your excuses. You'll find that the same excuses you meet in the shower, you find in life and when you learn to get over them in the shower, you learn they're also beatable in life. Get over your excuses. Take the cold shower therapy challenge today. From the original cold shower therapy post - http://impossiblehq.com/cold-shower-therapy More cold shower resources http://impossiblehq.com/cold-shower-therapy-guide http://impossiblehq.com/cold-shower-health-benefits http://coldshowertherapy.com Special thanks to Nick Reese.


  • Needs a Spotify option!

    By cdm98747
    Love the app. I think this is great for keeping track of streaks but if you could somehow make it possibly to link my Spotify account that would make this app even better! Recent data has shown that there are more Spotify accounts than Apple Music so hopefully that’s enough for you guys to try it out!
  • Buggy

    By Paul Ro
    Cold showers have literally changed my life, I love the idea and this app is great. I have had several issues with showers not logging for some reason and even lost my streak because I didn’t notice until the next day. Also I normally do two a day, it would be nice if there were a separate stat for total showers taken, not just number of days.
  • Great app.

    By Obliqueridge
    Keep you motivated
  • Like but ....

    By Cold therapian
    I start cold showers with this app great . Then did not records some of my showers restart at zero three times and then update again and nothing . New update no music so far so good but not being able to recover my previous showers . Well others than it's ok. It did it again lost my records and have me use the .99 multiple time to keep my score .App is very unstable I would not recommend it although I would recommend the cold shower ideas challenge for sure too bad it's not reliable
  • Good Basic Straightforward

    By WOTO54
    The improvements I would recommend would be to be able to shut off the music offer each time, be able to record total number of showers as well as streak of continual days, adjust the prep time beyond 5 seconds, increase volume alarm as a shower is loud and the device is outside the stall. Cold showers are transformational, so the app is very much worth it. It just has a little ways to go to be perfect.
  • Cold Day in H2O

    By Addresseer
    It inspires me to do something I wouldn't otherwise do, which is very good. It always asks me about playing music which isn't important to me. Would shut that off in settings, if I could. The second day of my current streak I did try to do it, but wasn't up to it and used some warm water. Would delete that one if I could. The five seconds I get to start the shower isn't enough, I probably need about ten. But it's not a big deal because I'll go over at the end. Intermediate chimes, bells or other audio indications as to how the time is progressing and/or a countdown at the end are possible thoughts.
  • Rip off

    By Shark Trooper
    So the first 3 days using the app was great. I took my cold showers and it recorded them just fine. On the 4th day however, it failed to record my shower. I did not change any input on my end, it simply would not show that I had completed it. So, I tried to just re record the shower and it still didn't register. The next day, I tried to use the option to add a shower not recorded the day prior and it asked me to pay $.99 for it. Rip off, in the scam sort of way. I may still use the app for the timer but I'll be keeping track of my showers myself... for free.
  • Solid App For Cold Showers

    By CWIN7ER5
    I've used this app consistently for about a month now and it works pretty good. One thing that could've improved is the streak counter. Even though I take a shower every day, the app will reset my streak randomly after a 4-5 day streak. Aside from that one issue, it's an solid app.
  • Wanted to like this, but it is impossible

    By TreeSpring
    2 major killers for this app, and one minor one. I wanted to love this app, as the Impossible blog is pretty cool. Unfortunately, I can't do a streak easily because one of the big issues for us is minimizing water consumption. I take showers every other day, and cold each time, but I end up having a streak of 1 so most of the time I don't bother turning on the app. Then, twice, it has reset my streak to 1. The latest, I should have had 6. I took a shower at 7am on day 5, and day 6 was a hectic morning. But, since I had the streak going, I took one at about 9pm before bed, so that it would keep going. And it showed 1. The calendar: 6. I deleted the app, and only put it back on the phone to write review. Not worth the effort for what could be a fun app. I can use the timer on my phone for this. Make it so you can note the off days and fix the resetting issue that others have noted and I will be back. Also, if I don't have an iTunes library, why ask me if I want music each time?
  • Generally pretty good

    By bajaye
    I like app. I find the ability to keep statistics and measure oneself against what others are doing to be quite helpful. When you have a record of what you've done it is easy to keep going. And the timer, too, is quite helpful. Two things could be improved: 1. The whistle at the beginning of the challenge is obnoxious and too long. And generally whistles are used to stop play rather than start it. How about a starting buzzer or gunshot sound like at a track meet or horse race? 2. There is no way to edit your actual starting date. I started the day before I discovered the app. Would be nice to keep an accurate tally instead of the app plus one. Otherwise it is a good and helpful app. One that I continue to use every day.