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ABOUT OUR APP: Villages GPS app is the most powerful GPS tool for navigating the Golf Cart trails and roundabouts in The Villages, Florida! EXCLUSIVE FEATURES ONLY FOUND WITH THIS APP: *Navigation gives turn by turn directions by voice!! *Superior Search functions allows for street address, name or by map view. *Complete listing of Neighborhood Villages. *Point to Point Mapping is a very resourceful tool. *YELP integration with every Restaurant and Shopping search with the 5 star yelp rating and easy access to full YELP reviews, pictures, etc. *The Current Golf Course Conditions from your fellow Villagers. *Daily Activities and the most comprehensive list of Clubs anywhere. *Customer Service for an App is unheard of.... we'll we have it!! Simply email us suggestions, comments, etc. We respond! *Continued updates from a team that lives here in The Villages! *For the "snowbirds", this App works everywhere in the U.S. on all roads (and yes all the features do too!!) *And MUCH, MUCH, MORE!! Purchase one time and it's yours for life on your device!! All the time and money we spend to make it even better in the future is FREE as you simply update your app when prompted. Thanks for supporting VILLAGES GPS and tell your friends about us. For more info you can visit us at:


  • Not ready for prime time

    By Rosebud II
    New to The Villages so I bought this app. Gave different directions for the same destination. No details provided such as road names for golf car directions. Just left turn or right turn but you don’t know where you are. Useless and a waste of money. Needs a lot of work.
  • Awful App and not worth $6.99

    By mcirish101
    This is THE worst app I have ever used.... I have a newer iPhone with recent IOS and the app barely stays open..... shuts off at almost every cart tunnel..... and there are a LOT of tunnels I found it literally impossible to type in an address and then be able to navigate to that address.... I got the circle of death ...maddening!! Please fix - thank you
  • not spend the $$$

    By Lindymagoo
    Very expensive for an app that cannot load an address you are trying to find. Seems it only wants you to get to/from the squares or the golf/rec centers. Should be zero stars...I want my $$$back. Shuts off randomly.....does not warn you when golf cart paths suddenly end....I could go on. More frustration than anything....
  • Worst app ever

    By cstmr100103
    Dont waste your money. Never works. 6.99 wasted. I would give zero stars if I could.
  • In the hands of an adequate programmer, this app could be a winner.

    By Subgiy6290
    When searching for an address in The Villages, DO NOT hit the “Search” button. If you do, the app will go into a loop from which it cannot recover. The only solution is to close the app, delete it from your phone, then reload from the App Store. Once typing in the address you want, just wait , and eventually selections may appear. For 95% of addresses in The Villages, use Google Maps bicycle mode instead. You’ll be happier in the long run.
  • Almost useless. Improvement needed!

    By damar61
    I tried to use this app to take the golf cart around. It crashes in every tunnel and you have to put in your destination all over again. To make matters worse, while trying to use the app to get to the Lake Miona rec center, it took me many, many miles out of the way, and left me in the middle of Shay street, rather than at Miona. Having wasted almost two hours going the wrong way, I was unable to get my swim in. Can't believe I paid for this app!
  • Not Updated use the Free App

    By L11111111111111111111
    This has the potential to be a great app but at the present it isn’t. The free app is much better because it is more up to date for finding addresses and business and it does not lock up. Upgrade to 4 stars. The app developer responded quickly to complaints with an explanation of how to find locations that do not immediately show up in the search.
  • Take the fear of driving around the Villages and buy this app!!!

    By Marlene Of Liberty Park
    I just used the app for the first time and it was awesome!!! I had to travel 24 minutes by golf cart and the directions were right on. I even turned the wrong way and it corrected me immediately with voice and picture! Thank you for designing this app. I will not be afraid to travel anymore by golf cart in the Villages! Marlene Dignan
  • Villages GPS

    By Lost in The Villages
    Driving by car directions are very good but I can get that for free from many apps. Golf cart directions which is the most important part of the app is terrible. The app becomes confused when you get near a tunnel and the directions given to you is always far ahead of where you are actually located. NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!
  • Great App and one of a kind

    By MG bassman
    Recently, The Villages GPS has had some technical issues. I know the developers are working diligently to fix them. However, even with these issues, there is no better app for golf cart GPS. If you drive a golf cart in The Villages, this is a must have.