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Paleo (io) is the best paleo food list in the world –  Never google "is ____ paleo?" again! Simply type in the food you are curious about into the search box and the app will tell you whether or not that food is paleo. Paleo (io) helps thousands of people discover which foods are paleo every day. Have you ever seen a food and asked yourself, “is it paleo?” Well now you can have the answer faster than ever before with the best “is it paleo” app around! Never use google again with Paleo (io) in your pocket. 
 * searches over 3,000 food items to identify which foods are paleo and which foods are not * Easily stick to the paleo diet without driving yourself crazy – makes the paleo diet easy! * Simple yes & no paleo food lists * Perfect to bring to the grocery store, use as a reference guide or check a food on-the-go. * Food list reviewed & audited by Amy Kubal, paleo dietician. * In-depth articles explaining why a specific food is or is not paleo (in the more info section). * Are we missing a food? Email us and we'll add it to our database! * Brought to you by the team at Ultimate Paleo Guide ======================= WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING
 (5 STAR REVIEWS) “This app is a really straightforward and easy way to learn about eating paleo. I like how the articles don’t beat around the bush and get to the facts quickly, especially since Im reading them on my phone and want answers fast… “ – JillB1987 “For beginners like me – AWESOME! I’m new to Paleo and this app is really convenient and easy to use… “ – Ray S. “I love this app. It’s always been a little hard to figure out exactly what I can and can’t eat, especially when I eat out with friends. This app has made it SO easy to pick what to eat. Super fast, and designed beautifully. Thanks!“ – ekuck87 “This app is such a fast resource. As you type in the foods it shows the results with a fast thumbs up or down. Quite a thorough list as well… “ – Deb R. ======================= MAIN FEATURES
 * Paleo made easy! Simply search for a food and know whether or not it is paleo with the best paleo food list app around * Search through over 3,000 different food items * Intuitive design – green thumbs up means its paleo, red thumbs down means its not paleo * “More info” button shows you why a food is paleo and enables you to be your own food detective and determine if a food is paleo or not. WHAT IS PALEO? Although its often called a “diet,” paleo is simply a different way of looking at how you eat food. Paleo is actually quite simple. The paleo diet is focused on eating food that has been around since the Paleolithic era. That's why the paleo diet is also known as the caveman diet. Its focused on eating nutrient-dense, whole, unprocessed foods that are easy for your body to digest. Put the power of paleo in your pocket, and stay paleo out there! – Ultimate Paleo Guide Team Have a food you want to see in this app? Email us at [email protected] and we'll add it to our database!


  • Superb!

    By Ays17
    Super easy, super simple; I wish this was around 2 years ago when I did Paleo the first time. Luvin’ ♥️ it
  • Starchy foods

    By Jdroid1637
    Some items are listed as Paleo but when you look at the ingredients double check for potato starch and other non paleo ingredients
  • Directionally Helpful

    By donmossi
    Wish the inventory of items was much larger. Would help to have more explanations or comments. It’s helpful but not comprehensive enough to be great.
  • Kind of Lame

    By texasbirdgirl
    For instance you put in says click more info and it says yes. So far not even worth $.99
  • Yes!!

    By slfergie
    Love how easy this app is...
  • App information

    By autumn tobertson
    I seem to know just as much as more information than this app provides. 50 % of the Foods I submits they are not found. The basic info is correct but it almost contradicts itself especially when searching night shade fruit & vegetables
  • What ???

    By Mr Dsytoper
    I thought I was going to get the complete glycemic list that you have posted on your website that you say is a massive file. This app is too superficial for my needs I wish I can give it no stars
  • So helpful!

    By Macyquilts
    I’m just starting my journey on the Paleo Diet. This app is so easy to use. It’s really helping me a lot to get to know what is and what isn’t Paleo! Highly recommend it!
  • Must Have for Paleo Diet

    By Mgktidhg
    This app is brilliant. I can look up recipes online and double check if the ingredients are paleo or not using the app. It also includes some popular branded products and tells whether they are paleo. Definitely highly beneficial if you are trying this new diet.
  • Lost on me

    By diannavecchio
    All it is, is a list of foods. I have the same list saved to my home screen for the same access. No recipes at all. Deleting