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By Mullen & Pohland GbR

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A stunning guide to fungi of North America. Mushroom Id will help you quickly and easily identify species of the USA and Canada. Mushroom Id is great fun to use! Identification can be enjoyed by the whole family. Mushroom Id has been created by professional published ecologists, and uses images selected with the specific aim of aiding identification. Anatomical, ecological and taxonomic information is also included. Mushroom Id can be used to keep a log of your fungi sightings making it easy to build a record of all the species you've seen. SUNBIRD field guides are the only products on the market that use the KUSAM species identification methodology. This state of the art method is a modern taxonomic keying system designed specifically for use on mobile devices. The app does not need an internet connection, all content is downloaded when the app is purchased. We will be adding new species regularly. Don't forget to keep your app up to date. 164 species are covered. The app is intended for the general interest user with a love of the natural world. The app is not intended for use when foraging for wild foods and we strongly recommend you do not handle or eat wild mushrooms, many are extremely poisonous and easily misidentified.


  • Ok but not great

    By Kagerber23
    This is missing a ton of common mushrooms and really scarce in what it offers. It also doesn’t tell you where in North America you can find the mushrooms. Taking pictures and doing a google search for free is more useful.
  • Very limited database

    By kkskr20000
    Missing basic eatable mushrooms. Very limited database. Fun to look through pictures but you will not be able to identify 90% of what you will find.
  • Useless

    By LP000745
    Very few mushrooms in index.... essentially useless. Ive used better mushroom apps when I used to hunt mushrooms over six years ago!
  • Not too good

    By HoseA-guida loop A
    This app is lacking a bunch! It doesn’t have lots of very common mushrooms that you would actually find in the woods. (Turkey tail, chicken of the woods, only one oyster) It also does a very poor job of giving a good description of key features needed to identify some mushrooms. Also, why wouldn’t list the spore print color for every mushroom? That’s very important! I’m very disappointed in this app and feel like I just threw $5 in the garbage. If you are serious about identifying mushrooms, this app is not good.
  • Incomplete (obviously) but useful

    By nfd451628
    Not a ton of information here, mostly the basics
  • I like it.

    By Wildbird58
    Great pictures. Makes identification so much easier. I’ve recommended it to my friends who enjoy camping, hiking, photography.... etc.
  • No photo identificador

    By TruthOverFears
    Too bad
  • Crap App

    By DWgrooves
    Doesn’t even have Shitake or Lions Mane. It’s so unfortunate that people have to spend money on this to realize they got ripped off.
  • Mushroom

    By Lebron 57
    Very good app
  • Saved my life!

    By KLAJR1984
    I’m a turkey hunter and while hunting I found what looked and smelled like morels but after checking this site I found out they were false morels and not good to eat! Thank you for your site! You saved me from getting really sick or worse!