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Highrise is way more than just a social network. It's the easiest way to create your avatar identity, make new best friends, stay in the loop, and explore a magical virtual world - all on your phone. • Create an avatar with our avatar creator and pick from 1000s of outfits and items • Share your #mood and follow others in the Highrise News Feed • Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups • Meet new friends and characters with similar interests in the app store's largest sim game • Design an infinite number of rooms for play, chat or just plain fun • Enjoy weekly content updates with new art and events There's always room in Highrise. See you soon. :) P.S. Follow us on Instagram and Tumblr @highrise.


  • Cool

    By Seventeen137
  • Love love love this game!!!

    By hmwrightt
    I’m addicted 😂😂😂 stayed up till 3am last night whoops 🙈 Anywho! I have an idea. Could we maybe leave gifts for people when we visit rooms? Even if it’s a bubble or something. Just so you know whose been there while you’re gone visiting! Just a thought ☺️ Thanks for the awesome game!!! 💖
  • Just annoying and pushy

    By Jay:)9989999
    This is your typical “pay-to-win” phone game in which it is heavily encouraged to spend real money to receive the “best” items. From expensive prices to hard to obtain currency, it is clear that this app wants your money, which wouldn’t be a problem if it provided quality gameplay... Don’t even get me started on the constant “recommendations” to turn on notifications, appearing at least once every 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Honestly miss the old version

    By Sunriseee12800
    I use to love this game when it had the little farm & getting to go around buying and trading it was so much more easier wasn’t so extra now it’s just like reality with your own social media everything being so expensive. I remember I had my cute little house so many buddies but i don’t like this game at all no more🤷‍♀️
  • This app is weird

    By ii_Billie
    I bought gold and it crashed and didn’t got to my account and wasted money
  • Can y’all unban my phone ?

    By levineserge
    Can you unban my phone please ?
  • High rise

    By frankyf93
    The game doesn’t work very well on the iPad Pro
  • Bullies, boring and over priced, oh my! 👎🏼

    By TamamaCandyLover
    This game is boring and everything of course costs a ton of gold and most offers don't pay up the gold (gee I wonder why, greedy!), also the community is pretty rude and disgusting. I got cussed out and told to shut up by several "vips" for saying hello once on there, yeah didn't know being a "VIP" on a game would inflate people's egos to the point of being rude and disrespectful to someone just for saying "hello". I'm not keeping an app where I'm getting verbally abused, bullied and treated like trash on or pressured to spend money on. And no I usually don't have issues with cyber bullies but this was ridiculous and I wish I could show a screenshot of it all. Deleted what a waste of time.. 👎🏼
  • Ehhhh

    By Nemesis mama
    Good for drama. Bad for a healthy state of mind.
  • Expensive Expensive and horny children

    By 💗Kylie💗
    The game is not free. All the stuff cost real money. It’s stupid how you can convert gold into bubbles but not vise versa. Sky club isn’t worth it. You are ignored if you have no items. And there’s so many scammers. And children who are horny. Asking for pics (nudes) and all that. I bought off this game but I’m poor. Ok. People are bullied here just because they have no gold. Please step up your game. Hotel hideaway doesn’t do this. You can actually get good clothes without paying real money to get the virtual currency