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Demographix allows you to view demographic information based on US Census 2010 block and block-group level information. There are 3 ways to search: - The application uses your current location by default - Use the search bar to search an address or zip code - Long Press the map to search for the selected point. This application is perfect for the following applications: - Searching for a new home - Finding a location for your business - Being aware of your surroundings - Viewing Age, Race, Income and Housing information for a given location. You may specify a search radius in the application settings: ZipCode, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,10 and 5 mile increments up to 50 miles. NOTE: larger search radius will result in a longer search time. Areas included with this application include all 50 US States, Puerto Rico. Note: some census data such as age may not be available in outlying territories. Please see our website for more information, submit questions and recommendations, and view detailed disclaimer information.


  • Fix It

    By Yendor_1977_yendor
    What the heck is going on with the App for the last week? I use this for real estate and I can’t type in an address. All the stats and demographic stay the same based on where I’m located. Fix it or I want my money back!
  • Closes without warning

    By Flyermn
    When trying to change locations by tapping on the map, the app will close without warning most of the time.
  • Data does not make sense

    By JAL5638
    The data for my neighborhood is totally off, both for age and race. Ridiculous, and complete waste of money.
  • Great app!

    By Jeanette M. M.
    App has given me so much info about the neighborhoods in my area. I love knowing which ones are in my price range and have people my age in them to make friends with, it's great when you're searching for a house!
  • Incomplete database

    By Oz-NYC
    Its an elegant application, and could be useful if the database would be complete. I can easily set the radius i need. The issue is the breakdown I get. Most of the data is “No Report”, For example: Total Population: 9362” Females: 1877, Males/No Report: 7486”, or Age report, most under 6% and no report: 83% It would be very useful, if the data was correct. Can’t use the app for now
  • Great app!

    By Sonolito
    This app works great! Provides important info when putting site sheets together. A very valuable tool.
  • Excellent demographics application. Does what it says and responsive support team for updates.

    By PaidADollar
    It's difficult to find demographics applications even with a full PC. This app gives you quick information as you're driving around or allows you to enter an address ZIP Code or use the map to drop a pin. Adjustable radius Very responsive development team. I made an important request for larger radius and they had it completed in a week. Thanks guys!