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MoveWell is designed to help you get stronger, recover from injuries faster and move better. Whether you’re an everyday athlete, weekend warrior, confined to a cubicle, or just trying to recover from a common injury, MoveWell can help you break free from your pain and move more comfortably. MoveWell provides flexibility, mobility, and recovery routines that are 100% customized for YOU. Pick a routine based on the help that you need most. Prime your body to lift more weight, or work through back pain or an IT band injury with video exercises led by an experienced mobility coach. A timer will count you down through each movement so you spend the right amount of time on each exercise. ==== OVERVIEW * Use the MoveWell app to walk you through simple exercise that can help your body feel and move better. * Pick a routine that focuses on an area YOU want to improve; strengthen your muscles, or rehab an injury–it’s up to you! * Never question what step is next - each routine is led by an experienced mobility coach who will demonstrate each movement. * A timer will let you know when it’s time to move on to the next movement. Is there a routine you’d like to see? Let us know at [email protected]! * Brought to you by the team at Impossible Ventures. ==== WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING (5 STAR REVIEWS) “As a Crossfit lover and a runner I find it hard to know just which mobility exercises are best for hitting the spot that hurts. This app is a great solution to that! Looking forward to more routines as they are added!” -missmajachere, iTunes App Store “I just did the upper body primer and feel like I lifted so much more. Extra 8 pull-ups and an all around better workout.” -Omeadm, iTunes App Store “MoveWell is the app that I’ve been waiting for. Foam rolling & mobility work hurts so much, but I can FEEL the difference in my fitness when I’m doing the routines. So glad that this app makes it all so simple!” - ImpossibleX, iTunes App Store “I’m a foam rolling newbie and I’ve been wanting to learn the correct way to do it, so this is really helpful. Thank you! Beautiful app and very useful. Love the videos.” - jenny sansouci, iTunes App Store ==== MAIN FEATURES * Choose specific exercises, or pick a full timed routine. Full routines last between 10-14 minutes. * MoveWell leads you through simple exercises that help to release tight muscles, and improve flexibility, stability, and muscle strength. * Specific movements help you increase your flexibility and range of motion so you can protect yourself from injury in normal day-to-day activities. * Recovery more quickly from common injuries and pain. * Follow routines that help prevent you from getting injured in the future. * Stop suffering from back pain and other common ailments by following specific routines designed to get you back on your feet and on the go. ==== FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT MOBILITY AND FOAM ROLLING What is Foam Rolling? “Foam rolling” is a self-myofascial release technique (aka self-massage) that athletes use to help speed up the recovery of their muscles. By rolling the affected muscle over a foam roller, you help decrease lactic acid (which is what causes soreness), and break up knots so your muscles can get back to normal. Breaking up these tight spots can be painful, so if you have any questions you’ll definitely want to consult with your physician or physical therapist. What is a Mobility Workout? A mobility workout is a short routine designed to improve the functionality of the body. What Mobility Equipment Do I Need? Some exercises require the use of a foam roller, hard ball, or band, to help release knots that are stuck in the muscle. ==== FEEDBACK Got feedback? If you enjoy the app, please leave a rating & review for us and help us help more people move well. Help us make MoveWell even better! Send us an email at [email protected]


  • Content is not worth a subscription

    By Joeblk09
    App has good content and layout is clean and simple. I’d like to give it more stars. But you’ve failed to provide a reason to charge me a recurring subscription fee. As is, this is a one-time charge app. There’s no personalization, no modification capabilities based on personal needs (see ROMWOD or MOB WOD), no method of tracking, etc. You guys are at a good starting point but need to offer more evolving, manageable content before asking users to pay a recurring fee.
  • Good info

    By SamanFakhreddin
    A premium trial would be nice
  • Great part of everyday routine

    By Nateman07
    As a former collegiate athlete, this app brings me back to the importance of getting your body warmed up and ready for competition. Whether you’re getting ready for your workout, or a day full of meetings at the office, this really sets the tone for the day will look like. This app has mentally and physically prepared me to be ready for everyday tasks and challenges, and I’m grateful for the thoughtfulness that has gone into this app. Must have for anyone looking to better themselves!
  • More

    By J6185
    The app could offer more than the standard movements.
  • D2 XC / Distance Track runner

    By jnstanley12
    Hello friends, Thank you for creating the app I've been looking for. As a busy college athlete, it's nice to have pre / post workout mobility stretches. I don't have to think, just follow along. So props to you guys for this!!! Let me know if you have student discounts :)? Thank you very much, Jesse
  • Ripoff

    By Alex B 12348813
    What a rip off – the content of this app has not changed since it was downloaded many months ago! For this price point, that is unacceptable.
  • Really easy to use

    By runforfun89
    I really enjoyed using MoveWell. My favorite workout is the Morning Mobility. It's a great way to start the day. I struggle with motivation but this simple 8 minute workout helps me jumpstart my day and keep me motivated for the rest of the day :)
  • Roll Me, Baby!

    By Anne Flan
    As one with major back/hip pain, this app is indispensable. I have a roller but wasn't using it effectively- now I have the guidance (and motivation!) to do do. 😊
  • Mobility App

    By rasmussenesq
    I'm and endurance athlete who is terrible (absolutely horrible) at doing the mobility work that I should be. This app is easy to use and the workouts are quick and effective. I've made the app a part of my routine and I've seen results.
  • Love this app!

    By MT Trail runner
    It took me a while to get this app into my morning routine, but once I did it has helped in so many areas of my life. The app is simple to find what you want, easy to follow with good visual and audio prompts and explains well what you are doing. Totally worth the money!