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GameBattles is the premier eSports tournament system with over 10 million registered players and a variety of games on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, including Call of Duty, Destiny and Gears of War! The GameBattles app makes it easy to register for competitions, manage your teams, find matches, submit scores and more, all from your mobile device. If you don't already have an MLG account, you can create one directly through the app and start your journey to becoming a pro today!


  • 👎🏽🚮

    By 1unknwn3
    Worse than the website and that’s saying something. Really weird bugs. It logs me out everytime I close the app and I’m trying to play GameBattles.
  • Logging me off

    By Jose238705
    Im tired of this app logging me out every team and we need a arrow up and arrow down please make a update

    By DimeloHrmann
    Bought some MLG credits and doesnt appear in my account..
  • Terrible online help.

    By J t is KocKy
    I have done multiple tournaments in this website and I’ve been a premium member for the better part of two years. Completely unacceptable the way they handled a technicality during one of there tournaments. This was my final straw. You provide proof all the time and they take forever during tournament matches. I just canceled my premium member ship. Maurice the online moderator is complete garbage.
  • Bo4 rules

    By Biscut0876
    Can y’all ever make up your flipping mind on the rules. They are one thing then you change them weekly like come on I don’t enjoy playing GBs cause of the way y’all have it set up
  • Simple

    By Eastjondon
    Make it so you can view others profile
  • Useful

    By mjroscoe6
    Quick way to grab matches quickly but for some reason the app signs me out almost every time I go back to my home screen. This is super annoying having to sign in every time I use the app. Need to add a remember me option when signing in and also and option to directly add friends to your account before a match
  • Good app but huge problem.

    By Dddrewby
    Beautiful App... until it logs you out after you close out of the app on your phone. Having to re-login every time I open the app is a deal breaker. Fix this and GameBattles has themselves a great app.
  • Cannot disband team or submit ticket

    By ProdigyAnalysis
    Right now I don’t have a computer so I have to rely on the app. I want to disband my team but I can’t because the option is blocked by everything in the bottom. I also cannot not submit a ticket is there is a dispute, it says there is an error. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED
  • Crashing

    By Wilder336
    Every time I go to look at the “my competition” it literally crashes the app and I have to log back in please fix